More calls for Srinivasan to step down

BCCI treasurer Ajay Shirke and two more cricket associations have added to the voices asking for BCCI president N Srinivasan's resignation

ESPNcricinfo staff
BCCI treasurer Ajay Shirke has also said N Srinivasan should step down till the enquiry of Gurunath is over  •  Hindustan Times

BCCI treasurer Ajay Shirke has also said N Srinivasan should step down till the enquiry of Gurunath is over  •  Hindustan Times

The calls for BCCI president N Srinivasan's resignation continue to grow with the BCCI treasurer Ajay Shirke and several state associations joining the chorus. Srinivasan is embroiled in controversy after his son-in-law and Chennai Super Kings official, Gurunath Meiyappan was arrested during the IPL on betting allegations.
Srinivasan on Sunday had said in a press conference that he had not been asked to resign by any BCCI official. However, the Punjab Cricket Association president IS Bindra, the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association president Jyotiraditya Scindia and the president of the Hyderabad Cricket Association G Vinod have all called for the BCCI chief to step down over the past few days.
"Looking at the interest of the board I would definitely consider the option of staying away from the inquiry had I been in that position, I mean stepping down till the process is over," Shirke told Indian news channel Times Now. "The credibility of the board and the perception in which it is operating is taking a beating and increasingly so. Given the continuous media speculation and the resulting damage to the image of the board, it is important that this is put to rest."
Shekhar Salkar, vice-president of Goa Cricket Association, claimed that Srinivasan has "no other option" but to resign to ensure an impartial probe into Gurunath's involvement. Salkar said Srinivasan could come back to his position as BCCI president if Gurunath was proven innocent.
"He has to resign, there is no other option," Salkar said. "How can you continue when your son-in-law is involved, he is involved with Chennai Super Kings, it is just not possible to have an impartial probe till he resigns. For the sake of BCCI's credibility, in my personal opinion, he should resign till the probe is on. If it is declared that he did nothing wrong and he is proved innocent then he can come back as BCCI president. But at least till the probe is complete, he should step down."
Former India player and Delhi & District Cricket Association vice-president Chetan Chauhan also asked for Srinivasan's ouster, at least till the inquiry is on. "For the good of cricket, Mr. Srinivasan should step down," Chauhan said. "Once the inquiry is completed he can come back. Crores of cricket fans have been hurt by this scandal. Their faith needs to be restored."
The BCCI on Tuesday had announced the appointment of a three-member committee to investigate Gurunath's involvement with Super Kings as a top official. The committee comprises BCCI secretary Sanjay Jagdale and two retired high court judges.