It's a woefully regretting fact that most Bangladeshis don't have the ability to buy cricket kits, despite their maddening eagerness towards the game. Feel sorry for the millions of kids all over the country who are deprived of getting adequate cricket materials they need to flourish their talents; hence, had to content with the tennis ball and hand made ragged bat and with those twigs of trees meant for stump.

Many families here can't put up with their sons' demands of buying them a cricket ball, pad, a handy bat or guards because they are high priced. As a result many promising kids don't even come to the ground. So, the pricey cricket kits don't allow the kids belong to a poor family enter the realm of this game.

Most of the materials come from India and Pakistan, saying that the price list is relatively cheap there. The cost of a ball ranges from Taka 90 to Taka 250, the lowest price of a batting pad is 265 Taka, wicket keeping gloves cost 250 Taka and a bat made to play even the tennis ball costs no less than 180 Taka. This is the scenario; let alone there is need to wear helmets or thigh guards, which are much costlier and quite expensive for most of the families here.

The important thing is that there are hardly any price tags found on those materials bought from India and Pakistan. The sports shops here, are enterprisingly exploiting the chance, as the materials have no price tags on them. They are tagging the kits with their desired price (Of course a much higher one), thus making those unaffordable for the common people.

Buying capabilities or affordability has quite a good link with the development of cricket anywhere. Bangladesh is enjoying the Test status for more than eighteen months, still the government is reluctant to lend a hand to import cricket materials. The government should help the importers in this respect, so that the materials could be reasonably priced, easily purchasable within the reach of all.