Girls Aloud

Moving on from a life of cricket

It is nice to be stationary for a while and do not look forward to travelling the world and the region

Nadine Geroge

Cricket lovely cricket! What a game! I wondered what life would be without playing the game over the years. Finally, I did it! The game has been rewarding and hard. There were good times and bad. My life was all about cricket, but it all started too late. This makes you wish that you were a few years younger. Cricket has finally taken off. The rewards look promising and everyone seems to be getting into the groove of things. I finally retired and I feel extremely satisfied with my decision.
The team is presently young and slowly gaining experience. Over the two years I watch the team members grow in stature and maturity, taking on a vast responsibility. I wish the team all the best and my thoughts and prayers are with them. There are a few players who will show their class and wit during the world cup. I will not single those players out at this time. There will be a few surprises and I am looking forward to it.
But, I will admit I felt sorry I had to disappoint the team by my sudden departure from the game. I must say it is for the good. One must understand when the mind and the body say no it means no. When the support is not forthcoming this can breed discontentment. When the fun is out of the game also the joy of playing goes with it. It was just not me. My experiences, knowledge, players, well wishers and love of the game were the only thing keeping me going. However, the experiences and the behaviour of some makes you wonder if they knew what it means to have fun and play the game seriously? A word to the wise, “you must have fun to play with passion…”
With my achievement, recognition to the sport of women’s cricket within the Caribbean has reached a new high. I have been featured around the world and the Caribbean and still I find myself not achieving much to the sport. My achievement is a scratch on the surface and not worthy of much praise. I now look forward to my main career and focus on other areas of life I neglected in the past.
It is nice to be stationary for a while and do not look forward to travelling the world and the region. I will miss the camaraderie with team-mates local and regional. The friends and pen pals you acquire from opposing teams regionally and internationally. To date, we are still corresponding. The fun of playing the game is forever in my heart and I will surely miss.
I would like to take the time out to thank all who assisted and contributed to me in my cricketing career. Without your support my career and achievement would not be possible.
I will still make myself available in the future to assist in one way or the other in imparting knowledge and performing some form of administrative role in promoting and administrating women’s cricket. The love of the beautiful game of cricket will never die.