Cricket Association of Nepal has instituted a central contract system for the first time, with 22 players split into four grades.

Paras Khadka, the captain, Gyanendra Malla, Basant Regmi, Shakti Gauchan, Sharad Vesawkar and Subash Khakurel occupy the top tier and will earn Rs 35,000 each per month, while Grade B includes Sompal Kami, Sagar Pun, Naresh Budayair, Amrit Bhattarai, Binod Bhandari and Bhuvan Karki, who will receive Rs 25,000 apiece.

Jitendra Mukhiya, Anil Mandal, Aarif Sheikh, Rahul Vishwakarma, Pradeep Airee and Mahaboob Alam are part of Grade C and will get Rs 10,000 each, whereas four players KC Karan, Rajesh Pulami, Ramnaresh Giri and Raju Rijal are in Group D earning Rs 5,000.

"The contract system, which was talked much in the past, has finally been executed. The deal will be of one year with a review clause in six months," Bhawana Ghimire, the board's CEO, told

Nepal has had a history with players disputing with CAN over their payments and this decision might bring a certain level of security.

"Now the players will not have to worry about their family and they can concentrate in the game," coach Pubudu Dassanayake said.

"It is a good start and I hope it will continue in the years to come," Khadka said. "Other players have also contributed in Nepali cricket and they should also be a part of this system. It is time to get together and move towards bigger stage. We can achieve much more if we get support from all the sectors"

The Nepal team is to leave for South Africa tomorrow to prepare for Division Two of the World Cricket League from January 17.