It's only appropriate that Belgium's debut article in "Cricket Around The World" should be accompanied by a feature on cricket on Luxembourg. For since the Belgian Cricket League was formed in 1991, Luxembourg's strongest club, Optimists Cricket Club, has taken out the title three times, 1991, 1994 and 1995.
While Optimists remain the focus of cricket activity in Luxembourg (members of other clubs will often play for them in the B.C.L., a fledgling Luxembourg Cricket Federation League involving the other two male clubs, Communities C.C. and Euratom C.C. and the Optimists' women's team, the Maidens will be contested for the first time. It may also involve social teams from companies, pubs and sports clubs.
Communities C.C. draws its members from European Union staff in the Grand Duchy, while Euratom C.C. is based at the Euratom Atomic Energy Agency.
The cricket community in Luxembourg roughly comprises an even 50% each from European Union staff and or employees of private firms.
Cricket was introduced in the mid-1970s as a result of the United Kingdom's entry into the European Community.
There are around 90 regular players in Luxembourgers including the women's club.
In 1993 the "Federation Luxembourgoise de Cricket" was formed.
This will be the first year that the European School will include cricket in its curriculum. A number of senior players will undergo ECC approved coaching schemes in order to spread the game amongst Luxembourgers.