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Postcard from Sri Lanka: Roger Telemachus

Let me start by saying that I am a bit frustrated at the moment as the last game of cricket that I played was on March the 30th, earlier this year

Roger Telemachus
Let me start by saying that I am a bit frustrated at the moment as the last game of cricket that I played was on March the 30th, earlier this year. I was involved in the 3-match series against the Aussies but did not get on the field. That has been the same here in Sri Lanka so far but its no use complaining, and thus I've been training hard, getting in the gym, bowling in the nets and waiting for my chance to strike out in the middle.
Most of my spare time has been spent relaxing in my room with my roomie Paul Adams where we listen to our music and watch a bit of TV. When the weather has been good in the afternoon, we've relaxed by the poolside, doing a few lengths and sipping on a few coolies while talking about what our mates are doing back home. Thank goodness its winter back in Cape Town otherwise we'd be missing out on a few summer evening sun-downers at La Med.
We've decided to give up on room service and we've taken a liking to the little French Boulangerie Deli-France where I've been ordering roast chicken baguettes and strawberry milkshakes. In the evenings, its quite boring here so we either sit in the foyer sipping on a few cups of coffee, or we visit Nanty and Neil McKenzie in their room and raid their chocolate supplies. Another source of entertainment is visiting the fizz and talking a load of hogwash while he's treating the "lam, siek en dooies" (sick, lame and dead) way into the night.
The hotel gym is OK and there is a fair amount of good training equipment. I've been running on the treadmill every second day and working the upper body machines to maintain my shoulder and upper body strength according to my program given to me by my WP trainer. You will recall that I dislocated my right shoulder on the '98 tour of England and I need to do a lot of maintenance strength work to keep it in good shape and to help with my throwing.
The dressing-room scene hasn't changed while I was out of it with my shoulder injury. The number 1 mullet and captain of the mullets is still Gary Kirsten. Lance Klusener comes a very close second and third place is just tipped by Neil McKenzie. When we arrived in Sri Lanka we each had to buy a t-shirt for someone else. I had to buy for Makhaya and bought him a shocking yellow shirt with red flowers for the new father of our team. Talking of fathers, I'd like to send my best wishes to my little boy Geo and my fiancé Deirdre who I miss very much and can't wait to see her soon in Australia.
Allow me to finish off by saying that the weather has not gone according to the stories from the "A" team fellas who were here in '98. Although we are here to play cricket and don't enjoy the rain, a little respite from this heat and oppressive humidity would help us cope a little easier.
This is Roger Telemachus singing off until another time. Cheerio.