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'I'd get rid of warm-ups in cricket'

Samit Patel on better cheerleaders and other ways to improve the game

Samit Patel punches the air on reaching his hundred, Surrey v Nottinghamshire, County Championship, Division One, The Oval, 3rd day, July 10, 2013

Samit Patel: not a fan of running singles, who would have thought?  •  PA Photos

You are given the task of making T20 in England better. What is the first thing you would do?
Get fit cheerleaders to the games.
The Nottinghamshire squad has an arm-wrestling contest. Who wins?
Luke Fletcher.
And who loses?
Chris Read.
Which umpire has the best banter?
There's a few. I'll go with two: Peter Willey and Ian Gould.
Which of your team-mates - past or present - had the worst hygiene?
Oh man, Will Jefferson. He was very, very bad.
And who has the worst taste in music?
Chris Read. He listens to rubbish.
Who is the best captain you have played under?
Stephen Fleming. He was tactically and mentally strong. He had a lot of nous.
Who is the worst runner between the wickets?
If you could change one thing in cricket, what would it be?
For there to be no warm-ups.
Are you a walker?
Which cricketing souvenir do you treasure?
My current bat.
If you could spend a day as another sportsman, who would it be?
Tiger Woods. The man is a legend.
You are stuck in an airport. What would you do to kill time?
Get a foot massage.
A book is written about you. What would it be called?
I Do What I Want.
What is the most important thing a hotel room should have?
Who is the best character you have played cricket with?
Mark Ealham. He's just very, very funny.
What is the wittiest thing someone in the crowd has shouted at you?
"Stand up."
What are the wisest words of advice you have heard?
Always look up, never look down.
How often do your friends ask you for free tickets to games?
Every game.
If your house was on fire what would you grab first?
My wallet.