Non-review of the day

When Robin Peterson got one to spin past Dean Brownlie's outside edge, it could easily have gone on to hit his stumps, but it didn't. Instead the ball just passed him and was collected by AB de Villiers. Bizarrely, though, a bail had fallen off and South Africa sniffed something. The umpires decided to review it, and it was revealed that all that had transpired was that de Villiers had taken the bails off with his gloves while Brownlie was well back in his crease. He would not have been out even if de Villiers had broken the stumps with the ball, but it must have been another heart-in-the-mouth moment for the centurion.

Breakthrough of the day

South Africa's attack was being accused of lacking intensity and ideas, and of continuing to play the "terrible cricket," Alviro Petersen referred to on the second day. But at the arrival of the new ball, they had a plan. Graeme Smith put a fielder at deep point to wait for Brownlie's cut: a shot he had relied on throughout his innings and played well along the ground. With the extra bounce, Brownlie could not keep it down and picked out the fielder to end New Zealand's stiff resistance.

Stance of the day

At lunch, Trent Boult was spotted heading to the nets for a few throw-downs ahead of his time at the crease. Hopefully, he was not practicing what he displayed for the first delivery he faced. A fired-up Dale Steyn dished up a short ball which many lower-order batsmen would have tried to get out of the way from. Boult walked across his stumps towards the ball and ended up almost taking it on the shoulder.

Wicket of the day

Chris Martin is considered a walking wicket, and this time he managed to be dismissed without facing a ball. Martin decided to take on Dale Steyn's arm, and turned for a second run after Boult had managed to get bat on ball. Martin was sent back but could not return in time and Steyn's throw was easily collected by de Villiers, who issued last rites. It could be one of Martin's more ignominious ducks in one of New Zealand's more embarrassing defeats.

Firdose Moonda is ESPNcricinfo's South Africa correspondent