How Oman turned it around in the last three overs for a Super Over

Namibia needed a comfortable 18 runs to win off 18 balls but couldn't do it. Here's how the action unfolded in the last three overs of the chase

Namibia were well on top in their modest chase of 110 after their bowlers had strangled Oman in Bridgetown. Namibia needed a comfortable 18 runs off 18 balls with as many as seven wickets in hand before Oman's Mehran Khan delivered a wicket maiden to start a streak of 18 deliveries that almost turned the tables on Namibia to result in a Super Over, which Namibia eventually won. Here are how the last three overs unfolded dramatically in Namibia's chase:
17.1 Mehran Khan to Smit, 4 byes, Good length ball outside off. Tries to cut, but extra bounce forces no connection, and it flies past the keeper for four more!
17.2 Mehran Khan to Smit, no run, Fullish ball just outside off. Cut is stopped by point
17.3 Mehran Khan to Smit, OUT, Twist? Perhaps not given Frylinck is still out there. But some Oman flags flutter as Smit holes out at long on. Variable bounce again as Smith tries to club Mehran for a big-shot, however it comes off the top-half of the bat.
17.4 Mehran Khan to Wiese, no run, Full ball around off stump. Caresses a drive to cover
17.5 Mehran Khan to Wiese, no run, Full ball wide outside off, but inside the tram-lines. The ball barely bounces and dribbles through to the keeper
17.6 Mehran Khan to Wiese, no run, Good length ball on a fourth-stump line. The cut is hit well, but straight to the man lurking at point. Namibia need 14 off 12
West Indies found themselves in a similar position earlier in the morning game, but the experience of Chase and Russell took them through. Namibia need Frylinck and ideally Wiese to stay there till the winning runs are hit.
18.1 Bilal Khan to Frylinck, no run, Full ball on his pads and clipped to the leg side, but not for any run
18.2 Bilal Khan to Frylinck, 1 run, Flat-batted down the ground for a single
18.3 Bilal Khan to Wiese, SIX runs, Just clears wide long on! Length ball around leg stump and Wiese backs himself to clear the boundary with a big shot. Even though the timing isn't perfect, he targets the shortest boundary of this ground, and Aayan's attempt is futile.
18.4 Bilal Khan to Wiese, no run, Yorker, fourth-stump line. Bit of tail away. Dug away to point
18.5 Bilal Khan to Wiese, 1 run, Yorker on middle stump and all Wiese can do is keep the ball away from the stumps. Dug away to the leg side
18.6 Bilal Khan to Frylinck, 1 run, Yorker length ball on off to end the over, but Frylinck manages to bunt it away to the off side for a single towards square leg
Final over. Five needed to win. Four for a super over. Mehran, economy of 2 tonight, will bowl.
19.1 Mehran Khan to Frylinck, OUT, Oh my days! More drama! Around the stumps. Full ball on middle and leg. Frylinck tries to clip it leg side but the hits his pad, and then it ricochets onto the stumps!
19.2 Mehran Khan to Green, no run, And it is a dot ball! Green makes room at first but then returns to his normal stance as Mehran bowls a full ball outside off. Green attempts to ramp it over short-third but misses
Five needed off four balls!
19.3 Mehran Khan to Green, OUT, O man, Oman are in this! Green tries to play a cheeky leg-side scoop over short fine leg but he misses. Mehran's full ball on off stump hits him on the pad and the umpire gives him out LBW. Namibia review. Crashing into the stumps!
19.4 Mehran Khan to Kruger, 1 run, Kruger gets Wiese on strike with a single. Full ball outside off and pushed to cover's left
19.5 Mehran Khan to Wiese, 2 runs, Full ball on off and he creams the straightest of straight drives. Ball smashes into the stumps at the bowler's end and it ricochets away towards cover for a couple of runs. The stumps have probably saved a boundary there!
19.6 Mehran Khan to Wiese, 1 bye, WE ARE GOING TO A SUPER OVER! Good length ball outside off. Ball takes extra bounce and Wiese can't cut. Keeper can't grab cleanly either, and the ball falls to his left. Wiese and Kruger run across and the keeper tries a reverse throw while diving. He misses, and Kruger completes the run. We finish on a tie.