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Rodney Hogg sums up the first Test between Pakistan and Australia.

Speaking of pulling pants down…

At what time would he have preferred to have heard that? And is he sure it wasn't 7.30am, because the clocks went back in the UK last week?

The extra hour presents a great opportunity for a dedicated sportsman to get some extra training in. They take any opportunity to steal an advantage on opponents, leaving nothing to chance.

However, too much fitness work leaves little time for anything else.

Rohit Sharma took advantage. And then he said something weird to his bat.

Last time around, Kemar Roach was keeping himself busy shopping on Oxford Street. How's he been spending his time since then?

But he was busy after that.

And after that.

But then he really got busy - although he didn't actually specify what it was he was doing.

Whatever it was, it sounded like hard work.

It wasn't 25 hours long, though, was it? Then again, if you spend half your time on the beach and half your time shopping, pretty much any kind of work is going to feel pretty tough.

Other than that, Kemar has mostly been grandstanding, outlining his world view via quotes, and occasionally making an inexplicable exclamation.

And if you're wondering whether he's likely to play any cricket anytime soon…

So he's going to go and play for Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club then. Or am I misinterpreting that?

In lighter news, here's Dimuth Karunarathne's philosophy.

It's also "not getting fired for turning up late again".

And is Nando's in or out this week?

It's in.

Finally, are cricketers still moaning about air travel?

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