What's Chris Gayle's definition of "proper fun"?

Stripping would be improper fun.

Unlike Gayle, Chris Woakes is known for keeping a low profile. However, after taking six wickets in the fifth one-day international against Sri Lanka, you could excuse him for going a little crazy.

Well, maybe he was just reining himself in until the match was won.

Three exclamation marks. He sure knows how to cut loose.

Last time around, Woakes' fellow tourist, Alex Hales, was complaining about the film Locke. Has he found anything to watch since then?

Maybe drama's just not for you. How about some sport?

Back to golf and FIFA 15 it is then.

His rival in those activities, Jos Buttler, has been trying to entertain himself by borrowing some wheels.

Unsurprisingly, there were no offers. Maybe he can take a leaf out of David Lloyd's book. Bumble was quite taken with an entirely different vehicle.

Feel the G-force.

Wayne Parnell thinks he's pretty quick off the mark as well.

There were no further updates, so it seems safe to assume that Parnell missed out.

Unsurprisingly, Michael Vaughan is still #justsaying things. He does know that as both a commentator and columnist it's literally his job to give his opinion on cricketers, right? Rather than saying that he's #justsaying something, why doesn't he just say it?

But Vaughan is at least broadening his repertoire.

Join us next time to see if he's attempted #justdemanding, #justpleading or #justwhining. He almost certainly won't be #justkeepinghismouthshutforachange.

Finally, Saqlain Mushtaq's philosophy is growing ever cheerier.

Very soon, you hear. Very soon. Dance on the bar for the ladies while you have the chance.

Alex Bowden blogs at King Cricket