Bangladesh Women 10 for 0 beat UAE Women 9 (Ghosh 5-6, Akhter 3-2) by 10 wickets

Panna Ghosh proudly shows off the ball with which she picked up her five-for © ACC
A score of 9 is bad enough for a batsman; when it reflects an entire team's score it suggests something is seriously wrong. And that becomes infinitely worse if, as in this case, it is the opening day of a tournament. Bangladesh vs UAE, one of two matches on day 1 of the ACC women's tournament, lasted all of one hour, with perhaps more time spent in change-overs than playing cricket.

Bangladesh's opening bowlers Panna Ghosh and Shamina Akhter knocked over the UAE batsmen in 9 overs, and then Tajkia Akhter, the captain, and Chamely Khatun reached the target in 1.2 overs.

Seven ducks were registered in the UAE innings, with three batsmen making 1 and the highest innings score being 3.

The Bangladesh seamers bowled well in the wet conditions, which delayed the start of the game till 1 pm, and were backed by some excellent ground fielding - two batsmen were run-out - and catching.

UAE struggled against the bowling from both ends, Ghosh ending with figures of 5 for 6 from 5 overs while Akhter, her stockier but equally quick teammate, took 3 for 2 in her 4 overs.

The lanky Ghosh, bowling well within herself, began the damage in the first over, with to wickets. After the quick finish, she said, "I can bowl a lot faster, but I assessed the situation and decided to not bowl as quick as normal."

The UAE batters played only three noteworthy shots; one of them was a cut by Nicole D'Silva which was brilliantly caught by Salma Khatun over her left shoulder while running backwards.

Although the Bangladesh batsmen were not very assuring at the crease, they managed to steer their team to victory without any hiccups.

"We're delighted to have won so well and so easily" Akhter said. "We feel we have a good chance to beat anybody in this tournament.

The defeat must have surely come as a shock for Natasha Cherriath , the 12-year old UAE captain, entrusted with a team whose oldest player is more than three times her age.

At the end of the day, it was just that UAE happened to be facing two bowlers in good rhythm on a difficult wicket. More importantly, they were playing a team fitter, hungrier and far more experienced.