Watching, listening, sleeping

Cathryn Fitzpatrick looks back at the fifth women's World Cup


Fitzpatrick demonstrates what she did a lot of during the 1993 World Cup © Getty Images
Cricinfo asked former and current women players for their lasting memories from each of the eight World Cups so far. Cathryn Fitzpatrick, the former Australia fast bowler, one of the few women to have played 100 ODIs, looks back at the fifth tournament.
1993, England
Cathryn Fitzpatrick

Well I was really more of a spectator in this World Cup, having played just three matches. Most of my time was spent watching the matches, which were 60 overs. Teams would score around 160 or so, which was enough back then. My approach was a lot more aggressive and it was frustrating watching from the stands. But we had really good players, so honestly I wasn't good enough to play.
Most of my memories from the tournament are, sadly, off-field ones. We went sightseeing in London and listened to a lot of music - 4 Non Blondes were big in England then. Otherwise we spent a lot of time travelling to venues - hour-and-a-half from where we were based, in Reading - and caught up on sleep in the bus.
I spent most of my time bowling in the nets to our batsmen, but it couldn't have been very good since we came third in the round-robin!
The World Cup was memorable in that I made my one-day debut there, after being dropped for a year following my Test debut. Did I get any words of advice from my captain before my first game? Well Lyn Larsen's nickname was "Whisper:, so if she said something, I certainly didn't hear it!

As told to Nishi Narayanan