The solidarity of the day

Even as the ball that brought up the winning runs raced to boundary, there was an extraordinary gesture from Marlon Samuels. He ran all the way to deep point boundary where Chris Gayle was watching, and cheering on. Samuels high-fived with Gayle and only then returned to celebrate the win with his team-mates. Considering the heated meeting two days ago which put Gayle's career in limbo this was a tremendous gesture from Samuels. Fire is raging in Babylon.

The needle of the day

Who else can it feature but Anthony Martin. It's not clear who started the verbal battle but Virat Kohli and Martin were at each other for a while. Once, when Kohli tucked a delivery quietly behind square-leg, Martin puts his hands up - the six symbol - suggesting why Kohli didn't go for a six. More words exchanged. The umpire spoke to the players and to the captain Darren Sammy. It still continued. When Kohli moved towards him to say something, Martin waved him away. At the end of that over, Sammy had a chat with Kohli, who then wandered off to have a word with Kieron Pollard, who laughed at the end of that conversation.

The miss of the day

Kohli had the hundred within his grasp but chose to turn for a disastrous second run after clipping the ball past square-leg. Ramnaresh Sarwan swooped in and fired an accurate throw to Carlton Baugh, whose glovework has been good this series, who did the rest. Kohli slowly trudged off, walked up the stairs and disappeared into the pavilion.

The unlikely bouncer of the day

Lendl Simmons is a gentle medium-pacer. Wrong. When Yusuf Pathan slugged him to cow corner Simmons stirred himself into action. The keeper was standing up but Simmons decided to retaliate with a bouncer. He put everything into the release and banged the ball real short. It reared up but flew over the batsman and the keeper for five wides. Baugh retreated from the stumps after that.

The near mess-up of the day

When Ramnaresh Sarwan, suffering from cramps, decided to have a runner things were bound to get interesting. When he stabbed a delivery in front of him, Darren Bravo decided to rush across for a single. Simmons, the runner, stayed rooted to his position for a while before he decided to respond. The bowler Vinay Kumar got across and missed the stumps at the other end. Simmons, who had dived into the crease, got up, dusted himself, and showed his displeasure at the call.

Sriram Veera is a staff writer at ESPNcricinfo