February 23, 2007


Past USACA president attacks constitution process

Will Luke

Atul Rai, a past president of the USACA, comments on why he feels the current process to elect a new constitution is not only unfair, but illegitimate. Read the story and leave your thoughts below.


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Posted by Audit - for Truth on (February 25, 2007, 19:20 GMT)

I know for a fact, NWCL, CMCC (Chicago), Dallas voted No. That is equivalent to atleast 135+. Do an Audit, the whole process will be exposed. The Traitor, oops i mean Arbitrator is not independent. He is the President of the Washington Metropolitan League. It says on cricinfo. Check it out. The Crook has done it again. The whole process is rigged. Turned the "NO" to "YES". Yeah right, he wants to build the future. You figure it out.

Posted by Concerned on (February 25, 2007, 3:17 GMT)

Houston has 20 votes. One club is not there. thirteen clubs voted NO and other 6 did not voted as they were not available. But sure there were 13 NO vote. Please let us know from various leagues that how many votes they send and what they voted. Have some telly here. Each league send their info here.

Posted by Numbers don't add up on (February 24, 2007, 14:29 GMT)

Ok, so according to the tabulation 50 or so said no to the constitution. SCCA itself sent in about 30+ "NO" votes. You mean to say that the whole nation sent in the other 20 "NO" votes.

Posted by 667 clubs in USA - President for LIFE on (February 23, 2007, 14:40 GMT)

There are 667 clubs in USACA today. Out of which 287 or so sent in their votes. 201 said "YES". WHY DO YOU THINK ONLY 287 VOTED? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REST OF THEM? OK let's analyze this. 287 voted. 201 - Chicago (Masood's region 150 clubs and the rest came from Dainty's - Washington, Charlie's - Florida region and Laks - NCCA). That sums it up. These 4 will get elected to the board and that is the 4 votes needed out of 7 for Dainty to be President for life according to the new constitution.


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