Pakistan in India 2007 November 24, 2007

Misbah and the curse of the ul-Haqs

The fascination of the Delhi Test grows with each session

The fascination of the Delhi Test grows with each session. The modern stars of India and Pakistan are playing out a classic every bit as heroic as those of their predecessors. We often worry about the quality our current heroes but who could not have been delighted by the swing of Dhoni and Tanvir, the wrists of VVS and Butt, or the guile of Kumble and Kaneria?

I mention Butt and Kaneria because these young prospects are showing something new in this series. Butt has demonstrated an improved control over shot selection, and when he flashes it is with a late certainty. Kaneria has begun to unveil a delivery that goes straight on, neither a legbreak nor a googly, which magnifies his threat, especially against the tail. These are encouraging developments.

Yet Misbah-ul Haq's progress is the most fascinating. He bears the surname of Inzamam and now he has also inherited his magnetic attraction to the last-man-stands scenario. It can be a curse but also a route to fortune and glory. For a man who reportedly sings at the crease, Misbah is being presented with many opportunities to write his own song. What tune will this ul-Haq deliver?

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  • fanedlive on November 24, 2009, 17:45 GMT

    Yep Misbah has been performing good. just been dropped from the side but scored some runs in domestic matches and has won back his place BUT he's no match to Inzamam. I mean Inzi is BY FAR the greatest batsman to represent Pakistan. His match winning innings are a proof of my statement in which he seconds ONLY Sir Donald Bradman :-)

  • fanedlive on December 16, 2007, 13:02 GMT

    Mibah is certainly immensely talented and at the same time has a great cricketing mind. It was no surprise for me to hear Ramiz and Bishop suggesting him as the future captain. Misbah certainly has the head and the talent to lead Pakistan any day. I hope the PCB realises this rather sooner that later and gives him enough time to groom the team before the all important World Cup.

    Mibah is the new face of Pakistan Cricket. Cheers Emad

  • fanedlive on December 7, 2007, 7:30 GMT

    i think misbah is the "great wall "of pakistan and he proved that so many times in last few months and some anti pakistan gangs still not consider him as a future star .i watched the live programm of javed mindad on hum tv after misbah's greatest show of class in 2nd test's first inng but still mr. javed mindad mantioned him once as he scored nothing .i think this is not fare with him . and rameez raja even rightly think's that he could be the future leader of pakistan 11 becuse he has all the features of a great leader . so home after these comments from rameez raja shoib malik don't think him a danger for his leadership wich is very poor . shob malik is nothing not batsman nor bowler and when felt that he might be in big trouble in 2nd test he run way from his team and i bet u all he will not play in 3rd test after series still open for india shoib malik ia not a natural leader or leader at all . he should be thinking getting rest is batter then playing a final of the series where india need a win or atleast a draw both the result fever's india and shoib malik is afraid of that . he is nothing nothing at all and if he still play as a captain than god bless pakistani team .

  • fanedlive on November 28, 2007, 20:03 GMT

    Misba is 34 years old. He scored his first fifty in his nine test. Before last test his average was just 17. He should thankful for his buddy Shoaib Malik.

    Players who performed very well in past than Misba are out but Misba is in. Asim Kamal who scored agsinst Austrlia in Austrlia (in 4 innings average is 48) , against South Africa (average is 46) and against India (average is 50) is not with the team.

    Misba has same last name as Inzi but he does not have many shots and talent like Inzi. He has very limited cricket life remaining. May be two or more. This is not a wise decission of PCB once gain to promote Misba as a replacement of Inzi. He will probably not physcially fit for the next world cup. He is sick again b4 second test. Look at his age.

    PCB should work with new comers like Kahlid Latif, Khurrum Manzoor, Nasir Jamshead, Yair Hamid, Hasan Raza and Asim Kamal.


  • fanedlive on November 28, 2007, 16:20 GMT

    We need Inzi back for this series.

  • fanedlive on November 28, 2007, 14:00 GMT

    To 'Paki' I agree with you that Pak have always had the upper hand against India in the past and that India play better cricket against them now. But the series was more one-sided than the 3-2 scoreline suggests. India won the series with 1 game to spare. Only in the Mohali game did Pak look like a world-beating team. Besides, wouldn't the Pakistani fans have celebrated their team's win had Pakistan won 3-2? Indian fans are as passionate about cricket as the Pakistanis are. And India have done very well outside the subcontinent since the last 5 years. They have won at least 1 test in all countries (including Australia), except NZ. This year they won the World T20 in SA so they are the champs, besides in England, as you said. They also beat SA in Belfast, for the first time outside India. Akhtar hasn't won Pakistan a WC either, though he is a quality bowler. Maybe you are sad that Pakistan has not done anything of note this year besides reaching the T20 finals, and beating Sri Lanka. Have I told you enough?

  • fanedlive on November 28, 2007, 4:53 GMT

    In an interview : Afridi said there was nothing wrong with the pitch at the Ferozeshah Kotla ground and with a little application, batsmen could have scored more runs.

    Now is it not hilarious when Afridi talks of application. somethngi similar to Osama talking world peace hahahahahahahahahahahah

  • fanedlive on November 28, 2007, 4:26 GMT

    In the prior blogs I used to see some right assessment from those who were posting comments and the sporting culture was very good taking positive of T20 loss and odi loss. I thought cricket is heralding a new era in Indo Pak relations. But one pathogen is enough to spoil the entire harvest and here I refer to Javed A Khan. He started spitting venom on Indian cricketers and suddenly everything seems to be reverted to the 90's where the relations were hostile. Now ppl are replying to the posts instead to the content in blog. Mr Kamran you should not have let Mr Khan write so much and that too crap. And finally we cant tolerate if anyone says bad about Sachin. He has won hearts of ppl irrespective of boundaries, religions and nations. He gave us Indians our identity much before the software industry gave. He gave us solace in the midst of instability. If u cant appreciate sachin dont do but atleast dont write bad about him.

  • fanedlive on November 28, 2007, 3:40 GMT

    LOL at Shoaib Actor in hospital with fever. Doesn't it sound dubious? Even if this is true and he gets well and play in the 2nd test, he will use this as an advantage to his acting that he played even after getting sick and still got wickets. And, if he doesn't it will be an excuse for coming out of sickness amd therefore blab, blah, blah. Its a double edge sword that he is using to his advantage. But, this is not new, not a single series has gone by without him being injured, unfit or sick.

    As regards Malik, he too is taking the same route as Shoaib, something common in names and in roles. There is no fourth dimension here and Malik should either be good, or get good, or give up. For Pakistan's team sake I still want Malik to "get good." Because, changing a captain in the middle of the series will not be good for him and for the team.

  • fanedlive on November 28, 2007, 1:44 GMT

    Inzamam was a great player. He pulled Pakistan out of problems on many occasions. In fact he played well or scored a century Pakistan won. But Misbah always finds a new way of getting out, when his team needs him to see his team through, including that Bizarre shot in T20 and the recent run out. Please do not compare Misbah with Inzamam. Inzamam is a Match Winner but I don't where Misbah stand.

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