Tanzania April 3, 2008

Tanzania development report



Aga Khan and Academy boys qualified for the finals of the DRCC league after their win against Ekta and Anadil Burhani in the Semi finals. The finals played on the 11/11/07, was a very exciting game. Aga Khan won the toss and decided to bat scoring 206 / 9 in the 50 allotted over. In defending their score Aga Khan managed to take all the main wickets early giving them hope of winning the finals. It was Hamisi Abdalla the skipper of the academy boys who played a well controlled inning to deny Aga Khan Victory scoring 96 runs.

The annually played Mwalimu Nyerere Cup took off immediately after the completion of the DRCC league. Four teams qualified for the semi finals. Aga Khan was on top of the table with Ekta academy boys and Dar Gymkhana all on equal points. Aga Khan and Academy Boys once again qualified to meet in the finals of the Mwalimu Nyerere Cup. The finals ended in a tie with Aga Khan winning the finals on technical grounds of their head on win in the earlier round robin.

Other individual awards were presented to the following:

1. Bhavesh Govind best batter trophy

2. Khalil Rehemtulla best bowler trophy

3. Kassimu Nassoro best all rounder.

In the ‘B’ division Dar International played against Union club in the finals of the Mwalimu Nyerere Cup. Dar International won the toss and elected to bat scoring 168/9 in the 30 allotted over game and this time did manage to defend their score in a tight game by restricting union club for 160 all out in 28 over to clinch the winner’s trophy.


The Association held its AGM on the 16th Dec 2007. Chairman’s report and financial reports were adopted by members. A Constitutional amendment for the financial year to end on 31 Dec was unanimously approved by all members present.

Fund Raising Dar es salaam International Club and the Dik Diks under the leadership of Tony Brennan organized a fund raising game for the development of Cricket in Tanzania. South Africa v/s Rest of the world was played on the 17th Nov 2007 by player comprising from expatriate community working in Tanzania.

A sum of USD $500/- and Tshs 382,000/- were raised and donated to TCA for the development of the game. South Africa won the toss and elected to bat scoring 187 runs in the 30 allotted over game. In reply the rest of the world team made 191 in 29.2 over to win the game. The event was very interesting with both sides displaying some good strokes in batting.

Development The development committee arranged a two week holiday camp for juniors from the 16th to 31st Dec 2007. This junior holiday camp was designed to prepare the youths for the junior structured league scheduled to commence in Jan 2008.

On 25th Jan a structured junior league took off for the first time in Dar es salaam with eight teams participating in two groups in a twenty 20 format. The event was played with very competitive spirit and discipline. The youths displayed their talents in all the departments of the game making the event every exciting with good team and individual scores. Schools combine team and Al Madresa qualified for the finals of this event. Schools combine won the toss and elected to bat scoring 92/7 in 20 allotted over. In defending the score the schools combine restricted Al Madresa for 62 /10 in 16 over to clinch the junior league 2008 trophy.

Individual trophies were awarded to various participants. Master Kake Singh of schools combine scored a total of 48 runs took 7 wickets of three games was awarded the all rounder trophy, Master Micheal Kefa of schools combine scoring a total of 91 runs for his team of three games with HS 61* received the best batter award, Master savastra Patel of Indian School received the best bowler award for taking 6 wickets for his team and Master Oska Manyanya of Victoria schools settling for the best fielder award for taking 5 catches.

This first appeared in a recent ICC Development newsletter

Will Luke is assistant editor of ESPNcricinfo