April 8, 2008

Indian Premier League

Lalit Modi’s daylight robbery

Sriram Veera

Prem Panicker, writing in the Rediff blog, questions the motives behind the controversial IPL accreditation process.

... And more than the provisions pertaining to media accreditation for the IPL, this is the crux of the problem—the BCCI has repeatedly thrown aside all norms, and treated cricket as its personal property, to buy and sell at will ... Can the BCCI on the same lines either start its own magazine, or ‘sell’ rights to one paper or magazine, and immediately prohibit everyone else from mentioning Indian cricket, in whole or part? Can the BCCI launch a television station tomorrow, and forbid everyone else from applying for coverage rights, or showing even the briefest of clips? And most importantly, what do you mean, sold? Was this a private transaction the rest of us are not privy to? What was the process followed?

There is a further update as well. Read here.


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