April 25, 2008

Indian Premier League

The IPL - a winning concept

Harsha Bhogle, in his column in the Indian Express, says the IPL has worked after its first week.

The ads have been good, some of the anthems have been excellent; the fireworks have gone off and the dancers are showing a lot of energy. But cricket is winning, as we always knew it would. The first week of the IPL has worked. Now it must draw repeat crowds, it must be a success in its fourth week. Chances are it will do more than just that; I sense we are seeing a lifestyle change, like the personal computer, broadband and digital music.

The sceptics abound and that is not bad because success must be challenged; new thought must stand up to scrutiny. The first people who said the world was round took a long time convincing others. This will be a much shorter journey towards acceptance. Maybe it has already happened


Meanwhile, the Hindustan Times' Arjun Sen has blamed the Indian Cricket League for the poor turn out for the IPL games in Hyderabad.


Ashok Ganguly is an editorial assistant at Cricinfo

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