Indian Premier League April 22, 2009

Finding humour in rumour

The mystery of the "fake IPL player" deepens

The mystery of the "fake IPL player" deepens. Kolkata Knight Riders coach Matthew Mott confirmed the anonymous, eponymous blog has been a talking point within the team, although stopped well short of describing the matter as a distraction.

The blogger, whose online following has expanded with each of his 25 entries, insists his work has created a maelstrom within the Knight Riders squad, culminating in a team-wide witch-hunt and a confiscation of laptops. But while admitting to curiosity as to whether the blogger is, as claimed, a member of the team, Mott said the postings were being viewed light-heartedly by the Knight Riders.

"It's a bit of a joke in the squad," Mott told Cricinfo. "There is something going on, but I have only read a bit of one (blog entry) on someone else's laptop, so I can't say whether it's close to the mark or just someone making good guesses. It has been raised but at this stage we're treating it with humour. I'd still be interested to know who it is, though."