September 20, 2009

Indian cricket

Sonny side down


Imagine not taking the call, when Sachin Tendulkar is on the other end of the line. Well, you could afford to do it, if you happened to be Arjun Tendulkar. Papa Tendulkar recently spoke about how he was troubled by his son's refusal to come on the phone when he went away on tour. "It was tough initially because my son didn't like it when I left home," Tendulkar told a TV channel. "For the first five-six years of his life, he wouldn't speak to me on the phone. That was difficult for me." Happily, young Arjun eventually appreciated just what his father was doing on tour - and what it meant to cricket at large. So much so that he's now started playing cricket too, which Tendulkar says was of his own choosing.


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