ICC World Cricket League Division Four August 20, 2010

Life and cricket go on

Paras Khadka - Nepal captain

Paras Khadka - Nepal captain

First of all, I just want to apologise to any readers of my blog that were hoping for something yesterday after our defeat to the USA but I just couldn’t bring myself to write, I was too disappointed in the side and myself to post anything.

Today was a tough match to get motivated for knowing in the morning that we were virtually out of the competition for promotion but the boys still put in a spirited effort against the Cayman Islands for victory today.

It’s hugely disappointing not to have qualified, we worked so hard for this tournament but when it mattered we didn’t perform to the standard I know we are capable of playing.

I think for our side it’s now a case of returning to Nepal and looking at what went wrong for us here in Bologna and also if there are any positives that we can take from the team’s performances here.

I feel as captain I owe an apology to all those fans of the Nepalese cricket team as I feel we’ve let the fans down and the country down with our results here. It’s difficult to put into words how I’m feeling, I think it’s best described as letdown but in the long run we can’t dwell on it, we have to move forward, bring out all the positives and hope for the best. Life and cricket go on.

Liam Brickhill is a freelance journalist based in Cape Town