November 29, 2010

Ashes 2010-11

Get @theashes to the Ashes


Ashley Kerekes, the babysitter from Massachusetts who has become a cricketing celebrity because of her twitter name (@TheAshes) may get to learn about cricket with her own eyes. Kerekes, who has now started selling t-shirts with the logo “I am not a freaking cricket match” printed on them responded to a mistaken tweeter by asking “What the hell is cricket?” That prompted users to start a campaign tagged #gettheashestotheashes. Qantas airline has responded. They’re offering the 22-year-old free flights to watch the game, while Vodafone Australia has offered to "pony up #theashes tickets & a phone so she can tweet". The second test starts on Friday in Adelaide, but Kerekes hasn’t confirmed that she’ll be there.


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