March 22, 2011

Bangladesh cricket

Back to the drawing board for Bangladesh

Nikita Bastian

For too long Bangladesh had rewarded mediocrity, says Shakil Kasem, writing in the Daily Star. Every other team in the World Cup seemed to have sussed out Bangladesh, he says, while it did not appear much was done by way of homework by the co-hosts, and for this, the team management must take responsibility.

Scores of 58 and 78 do not happen by oversight. The opposition employed methods that were thought of and implemented clinically … Time now to put an end to this nonsense of wishy-washy, muddled thinking and slapdash coaching methods that now have been proved to be wholly inadequate for the purposes of international cricket ... We have travelled far too long down the road to be considered as Clown Princes of the game anymore. There is a World Cup in four years’ time. Today is the time we start thinking about it, yesterday was the time we should have started working towards it. Tomorrow will be just too late.


Nikita Bastian is a sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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