May 12, 2012

Sri Lanka cricket

Never another like 'Satha'


In the Daily News, Richard Dwight pays tribute to Mahadevan Sathasivam, a stylish batsman who played till1950 and is considered one of Sri Lanka's great cricketers.

What was so distinctive about Satha was, that he brought to his batting a lackadaisical approach and an air of nonchalance, that was so deceptive to leave fielders, bowlers and wicket keepers confused. For on the contrary he was always alert, fleet of foot with supple wrists and hands and feet moving in obedience to the ticking of his mind while at the crease.
His very delicate late cut to the slips with much finesse, was likened to the elegance of a swordsman, slicing through a stalk leaving the flower undisturbed, to remain on the stalk, without falling. He was an unconventional type, both on and off the field, a versed to his style being cramped by rules and regulations. Extraordinary as he was, lack of practice or the latest of nights, did not bother him at all.


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