May 30, 2012

Indian Premier League

Time for a strategic break-out?

Carlyle Laurie

Ramanujam Sridhar, writing for Business Line, says that while the IPL is a fantastic concept, it runs the real risk of being hijacked and thrown into the wilderness if quick, remedial action is not taken to handle some of the current problems which could soon become major crises.

The games got millions of eyeballs the world over, crowds thronged the stadia and the after-match parties were really the places to be. The cricket too was often of a high order even if it was advisable for the spectators to wear helmets in the stands when the likes of Chris Gayle were at the crease. But things have gone steadily wrong, whether it was teams being taken to court or their licences being cancelled, the original founder going into hiding for alleged misdemeanours or the ugly spectre of match fixing. The advertisers took over the game, whether it was the DLF Maximum or the Karbonn Kamaal Catch expressions that made one wince.


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