June 29, 2012

Australian cricket

Against setting up window for T20 leagues - Paul Marsh

Carlyle Laurie

In a long interview with Game Changer Paul Marsh, the chief executive of the Australian Cricketers' Association (ACA), talks about the recent MoU between the ACA and Cricket Australia and also explains why the ACA didn't favour the creation of a window for T20 cricket leagues to be played around the world.

I don’t think creating clear windows for all T20 leagues is realistic as this could create a situation where there is little time left to schedule international cricket. What I do strongly believe, however is that the ICC and its Member Boards need to develop a holistic schedule that takes into account all international cricket and the key domestic T20 leagues. We need to find a way to ensure international cricket and these T20 events co-exist and not compete.


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