Australian cricket October 2, 2013

Walking down memory lane with McDermott

ESPNcricinfo staff

Most Indian fans will recall Craig McDermott for having the sunscreen-lathered cheeks that resembled war paint, made all the more pungent in the manner in which he ran in and threw the ball with the entirety of his 6'2" frame. Now, however, he enjoys a more quiet life, as Jonathan Selvaraj of Indian Express catches up with him, discussing everything from his love of curry and naan, to being the bowling coach of a successful Australian team for a couple of years.

I love India. In fact, I was here earlier this year for a couple of weeks at the MRF Pace Academy. I love the curry and naan man. If I stayed here for a year, I probably would be weighing 200 kilograms. Ahead of the 1987 World Cup, I would bowl continuously for hour-and-a-half stretches in training. It was sort of an acclimatisation to bowl when you got tired. I actually ran and did all my training in the steam room. I used to do a lot of outdoor running. I used to run with a raincoat on to acclimatise to the humidity. That got me a lot of strange looks back then.