Indian cricket July 1, 2014

'Complacency has never been in my system'

In an interview for the BCCI website, Virat Kohli speaks to Shirin Sadikot about his transformation from a teenager who lost his way into one of India's premier batsmen.

What distracts you more a batsman - the verbal attack or a subtle change in the field or bowling tactic?
When I am not in a good mindset, it means that I am not mentally feeling well about what I am going to do in the match. When that happens, I'll get riled up by anything that happens on the field. It might be verbal, or a change in the field or bowling. But when I am in that mindset, I don't care what fields are set or what is being said to me, who is bowling, whether he's coming over or around the wicket or is bowling a bouncer or whatever. That's because in my head things are very clear. That's all I need for my preparation. It's very hard to attain that zone and you need to be very calm and relaxed in how you approach a game.