Twitter round-up July 31, 2014

'God forgives, I don't'

Relationship drama, and underwear habits our latest Twitter round-up

"They've come to watch me bat, not you nurdle" © PA Photos

Odd couples, non-couples and single life in this week's Twitter round-up. Plus something about Graeme Swann's pants.

The catholic tastes

It's unclear whether MC Hammer and Cash in the Attic are also being presented as an either/or situation.

The gratitude
Never let it be said that Graeme Swann doesn't have standards.

The conflict resolution

The big stage

Not sure "knowing the words" is the only qualification for the role.

The odd couple
When one guy's being self-deprecating and another… just doesn't get it.

He meant John Terry, but James Taylor took the opportunity to deliberately misunderstand.

KP also didn't understand. But it wasn't deliberate.

So Taylor generously gave him a second chance to get in on the joke.

And KP again spurned it.

The man of action
Chris Gayle is a man who operates to a tight schedule.

Kemar Roach's modesty corner

Life with Kemar Roach
Last time around, Kemar Roach was telling us:

It seems he may have taken his own advice.

He then added the faintly ominous…

It didn't last though. Just a few days later, the allure of single life was starting to pall.

So now he's refining what he might be looking for in a lady friend.

And that's not all.

Picky. What else is he looking for?

Does anyone feel that they meet his exacting standards? He's prepared to commit…

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  • Balladeer on July 31, 2014, 12:54 GMT

    Great minds, Marius. Great minds.

  • MariusPontmercy94 on July 31, 2014, 10:26 GMT

    What happened to jetlag and Nando's?

  • Balladeer on July 31, 2014, 9:45 GMT

    While I'm overjoyed that Kemar Roach is continuing to share his deep and meaningful tweets with us, even after his return to the test team, what has happened to those other two great regulars - Nando's Watch and Jet Lag? Could it be that somehow, nowhere in the world is there a cricketer complaining about jet lag? And that cricketers are blasphemously trying out other restaurant chains? I'm appalled, and I'm sure that all other right-thinking readers are too.

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