MARCH 05, 2015

2019 World Cup format set in stone, but maybe not

Alex Bowden: Governing body could allow Associates to play a parallel tournament and keep everyone happy (though really only India)
"What if we gave all the Associate players free tickets to watch the big boys play. That should satisfy everyone, right?" © Getty Images
MARCH 02, 2015

England's World Cup strategy document

Alan Tyers: Any point in turning up?
FEBRUARY 27, 2015

Lapland to host 2023 World Cup

James Marsh: Offspinners and England delighted to play in sub-zero temperatures
FEBRUARY 26, 2015

'I don't care about your protein pancakes'

Alex Bowden: Yodaspeak, trolling and sarcasm find you will in our latest Twitter round-up
FEBRUARY 22, 2015

How to use blinking lights to improve the World Cup

Sidin Vadukut: At the moment the ICC is only using them atop stumps, but they're crying out to be utilised in a number of other areas
FEBRUARY 20, 2015

Famous World Cup chants decoded

R Rajkumar: In which we deconstruct what the fans are yelling in the stands
FEBRUARY 19, 2015

Jason Holder is in charge

Alex Bowden: When it comes to dealing with his independent-minded players, the West Indies captain is a mixture of strict, cajoling and totally grown-up
FEBRUARY 16, 2015

England go Fifty Shades of Grey

James Marsh: Team decides to give submission and humiliation a proper go
FEBRUARY 13, 2015

Football managering with Harmy

Alan Tyers: Steve Harmison gives a pep talk to his amateur football club
FEBRUARY 12, 2015

'Australia here I come!'

Alex Bowden: Kemar's announcements, Saqlain's wisdom, and Freddie's brags - in this Twitter round-up
FEBRUARY 09, 2015

Warner to box kangaroo in opening ceremony

R Rajkumar: And how can there be a World Cup without Pitbull?
FEBRUARY 06, 2015

Amir only allowed to bowl offspin

James Marsh: Pakistan bowler will not be allowed to get away easy, authorities say
FEBRUARY 05, 2015

ICC looking to bring back run-a-ball hundreds

Alex Bowden: World body decides run-scoring has become just too prodigious to stomach
FEBRUARY 03, 2015

Best combination

Satish Acharya
FEBRUARY 01, 2015

A history of sledging, part two

Alan Tyers: In which we learn horrid truths about the Don, Dougie J, Warnie and others
JANUARY 30, 2015

Seven superstitions we may see at the World Cup

R Rajkumar: A handy guide to the esoteric rituals and lucky charms you can expect to see at the tournament
JANUARY 25, 2015

How can we stop cricket being so entertaining?

James Marsh: There is such a thing as the danger of the game becoming too exciting for fans, you know
JANUARY 23, 2015

The history of sledging

Alan Tyers: Yelling rude words and phrases at the opposition has a long and glorious history in cricket
JANUARY 22, 2015

'AB de Villiers remind me of my young days'

Alex Bowden: Modesty abounds in our latest Twitter round-up
JANUARY 20, 2015

Warner to take Hindi tutorials

R Rajkumar: Plus, a weepy Corey Anderson opens up in our news round-up