JANUARY 05, 2007

Goodbye to all that

Gideon Haigh: ‘I’d be upset if I wasn’t upset about it.’ Justin Langer.
JANUARY 04, 2007

No Harm done

Gideon Haigh: A fast bowler of enormous gifts, but a cricketer who makes Martin McCague look like a lionheart.
JANUARY 03, 2007

A burning sensation

Gideon Haigh: ‘Awwwww, everyone else’s got a trophy
JANUARY 03, 2007

A man who needs no introduction

Gideon Haigh: It was hard to imagine Johnny Carson without Ed McMahon’s preamble: ‘And now, heeeeere’s Johnny.’ But does the world’s greatest Test wicket-taker really need an introduction as elaborate as he received today
JANUARY 02, 2007

Postcards from the SCG

Gideon Haigh: They never keep tracks of the stats that matter.
DECEMBER 31, 2006

An eye for cricket

Gideon Haigh: How much has it enhanced our appreciation of these two giants of the game that we have been able to study them through television and its evolving technologies?
DECEMBER 31, 2006

Gentlemen and Players

Gideon Haigh: Free Foresters represent a love of cricket strong enough to travel long distances at considerable expense to unfamiliar grounds and an uncertain welcome; what do the rich and pampered England cricket team represent?
DECEMBER 29, 2006

Rudiwatch continued

Gideon Haigh: I wasn't in a position to see a replay of Rudi Koertzen's refusal of the lbw appeal against Alistair Cook, so suspended judgement, and have only just caught up with it
DECEMBER 28, 2006

Legend status

Gideon Haigh: There have been a few legends involved in this game, but only two 'Legends'
DECEMBER 28, 2006

The Best-Laid Plans

Gideon Haigh: "I just close my eyes and whang it down anyway, so there's not much planning there." Thus Matthew Hoggard, bringing the house down at his press conference last night, in response to the mysterious straying of England’s bowling plan
DECEMBER 28, 2006


Gideon Haigh: Ho-hum.
DECEMBER 26, 2006

Everest and K2

Gideon Haigh: I was at the Melbourne Test just over 30 years ago when Lance Gibbs broke Fred Trueman’s record of 307
DECEMBER 24, 2006

Cricket season's greetings

Gideon Haigh: One day, the story goes, a barracker from the hill shouted to Ken Mackay: 'Piss off Slasher
DECEMBER 23, 2006

Glenn McGrath: The sting in the tail

Gideon Haigh: Glenn McGrath’s post-practice press conference to announce the end of a career so splendoured seemed extraordinarily subdued, like the Rolling Stones being reduced for their farewell gig to playing covers in a pub.
DECEMBER 21, 2006

Positive spin

Gideon Haigh: Warne was mandated by nature to bowl slow.
DECEMBER 20, 2006

Warne out?

Gideon Haigh: He’s not the messiah, of course – just a very naughty boy.
DECEMBER 18, 2006

One blows, the other sucks

Gideon Haigh: As in 2005, the trophy was won by the team that wanted it more, and that planned, selected and executed accordingly.
DECEMBER 18, 2006

Breathtaking Warne-O-Scope

Gideon Haigh: I so enjoy watching Warne bowl that it’s almost a shame to spoil it by writing: it’s like explaining a magic trick.
DECEMBER 17, 2006

More on Adam & Rudi

Gideon Haigh: For the record, I think Alan Knott is the greatest wicketkeeper batsman in history
DECEMBER 16, 2006

A day of centuries

Gideon Haigh: At times, the play resembled the middle overs of a one-day match; then, in the last hour, it swung violently towards Twenty20 territory.