DECEMBER 04, 2009

'I want to do something special'

Iain O'Brien: Tonight, I was ‘balls out’ going for it, and I felt great
DECEMBER 03, 2009

Wind, wickets and Tower returns

Iain O'Brien: Delayed start, soggy outfield, very quick lunch and we’re into it; day one of the second Test is underway
DECEMBER 02, 2009

Calling on Wellington

Iain O'Brien: It’s just a quick one tonight before we head into tomorrow’s second Test match
NOVEMBER 29, 2009

Thank you Dunedin!

Iain O'Brien: I can’t really explain the feelings that are still running through me now, but what I can tell you, if I could bottle this, save it up somehow and tap in to it when times are tough, life would be so much better
NOVEMBER 27, 2009

Hot paper clip and toenail treatment

Iain O'Brien: I woke this morning to a lot of noise outside
NOVEMBER 26, 2009

Rated zzzz...

Iain O'Brien: I’m done, I’m pretty well knackered
NOVEMBER 25, 2009

Off day at the warm-ups but good on the pitch

Iain O'Brien: Dan and Baz played well again, it was great watching them take us “oh so close” to lunch
NOVEMBER 24, 2009

Good end after the worst start

Iain O'Brien: I woke up this morning, pulled the curtains open, and knew straight away that we would be batting
NOVEMBER 21, 2009

A satisfying start to the season

Iain O'Brien:  
OCTOBER 12, 2009

They were the champions, my friends

Iain O'Brien: It feels like I was just here yesterday
OCTOBER 03, 2009

Hitting the ground running

Iain O'Brien: If you've been reading you'd know I have had nine days off before coming here; no bowling for nine days.
SEPTEMBER 29, 2009

Back at the keyboard

Iain O'Brien:  
AUGUST 28, 2009

Cheers Dan

Iain O'Brien:  
AUGUST 27, 2009

A tale of two Tests

Iain O'Brien: My legs decided that they didn’t really want to carry me and I had to fight to get to the wicket let alone try to get into my jump.
AUGUST 20, 2009

Picking Murali's doosra

Iain O'Brien: I’ve got a target I’d love to get to, not a run target but a balls faced target
AUGUST 20, 2009

Gazing at the covers

Iain O'Brien: We walked off after day one at 293 for 3, as I said, not the best day in the field; that’s obvious
AUGUST 18, 2009

Sehwag redux?

Iain O'Brien: This will be a quick one as I’m pretty tired after a tough day on the park.
AUGUST 16, 2009

On to stormy Galle

Iain O'Brien: The second warm-up match , played at NCC finished in a tame draw
AUGUST 12, 2009

Sweating it out in Sri Lanka

Iain O'Brien: And here is the first update from Sri Lanka ..
JULY 29, 2009

First visit to the Umpires room

Iain O'Brien: Time for another catch up..