Alex Bowden

DECEMBER 25, 2014

A Christmas miracle, but only sort of

How Alastair Cook became captain and then wasn't anymore
"I can see the future of English cricket. By Christmas 2015, they'll be praising me for a magical resurrection of the team" © Getty Images
DECEMBER 18, 2014

'I dance on a bar counter for the ladies'

Plus, cheesy pursuits in our Twitter round-up
DECEMBER 11, 2014

English cricket rocked by non-Cook-related incident

Commentators and journalists bewildered that there could be more to life than his captaincy in the World Cup
DECEMBER 05, 2014

'If you start singing again I'm calling the police'

Intolerance, baritones, and dance brags in our Twitter round-up
NOVEMBER 28, 2014

The ECB media cheat sheet

A guide to better understand what England players mean when they speak at press conferences
NOVEMBER 20, 2014

'Watching Bopara tie a tie is laborious and painful'

Speaking of excruciating, this week's round-up has more Michael Vaughan than you can shake a stick at
NOVEMBER 13, 2014

How to pick the World Cup challengers

In a potentially eight-team contest, you don't exactly need space technology to pick the favourites
NOVEMBER 06, 2014

'Gotta make sure the money keeps rolling in'

Early morning business, insomnia on airplanes, reflections on setting alarm clocks, and suchlike
OCTOBER 30, 2014

Pakistan and Australia learn from the first Test

The two teams' coaches hold forth on the lessons from the game
OCTOBER 23, 2014

'Told the cashier I have love, pride and passion'

West Indies players act busy, in our Twitter round-up
OCTOBER 16, 2014

Goochie in the kitchen: a clean striker

England's former batting coach finds it hard to let go of his old job
OCTOBER 09, 2014

'Happy KP day, everybody'

We get literary in our Twitter round-up
OCTOBER 02, 2014

Should county cricket be allowed to monopolise UK sports pages?

How will sports like football survive if this madness is allowed to continue?
SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

'Beer, beer, beer, bed'

From Wicked to the philosophical in the latest Twitter round-up
SEPTEMBER 18, 2014

How to discipline a player ECB-style

Change the structure of the universe if you must to prove a point to an errant player
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014

'Pulling out a nose hair is the most painful experience'

Fear, suffering, and how to cope with both in this week's Twitter round-up
SEPTEMBER 04, 2014

Cooky and Mooresy make World Cup plan

We sit in on a top-level meeting to help England win the - you know, the thing that isn't the Ashes
AUGUST 28, 2014

'Stuck in the hotel toilet for the last hour'

And other delightful revelations in our Twitter round-up
AUGUST 21, 2014

The Demon of Embarrassing Capitulation

Why Jadeja dropping Cook was the defining moment this summer
AUGUST 14, 2014

'Feels good to wake up sober for once'

Party animals, teaspoon ninjas, an avalanche of philosophy and Kemar Roach telling you what your job is in this week's Twitter round-up.