West Indies domestic news December 10, 2011

Guyana board to take disciplinary action against Sarwan

ESPNcricinfo staff

The Guyana Cricket Board has said it will take disciplinary action against Ramnaresh Sarwan, the Guyana and West Indies batsman, after Sarwan publicly criticised the board for not picking him in Guyana's squad for the Caribbean T20. A GCB release said Sarwan had telephoned Guyana's chairman of selectors Reyon Griffith on December 4, the day the squad was announced, and "engaged in behaviour now attracting the attention of the Guyana Police Force."

The board had said the selectors had not picked Sarwan because they were not sure he would be fit to play, but Sarwan had said "that is total c**p" and that he had informed the president of the board and Griffith that he had recovered from the injury that kept him out of West Indies' tours of Bangladesh and India. The board, however, have said it had asked Sarwan to submit a medical report proving his fitness and only received a document on December 5, a day after the 14-man squad for the Caribbean T20 had been selected.

The board also questioned whether the document Sarwan had submitted could be considered a medical report since it was submitted by a personal trainer and not a doctor.

"This 'document' originated from Mr. Forrest Nelson, a personal trainer who has a degree as a physical therapy assistant (PTA)," a GCB release said. "The presentation of this document as a medical report by an assistant physical therapist is viewed as unethical and possibly illegal."

Sarwan had said he had informed the board of his fitness personally and when they asked him to provide evidence he had "got the experts who treated me to send an e-mail to me which I forwarded to the GCB on the status of my injury."

The GCB said Sarwan had contacted the board on November 12 and said he would be fit by December 2. The board, however, pointed to the fact that Sarwan had spent time in Canada, where temperatures are sub-zero at this time of year, rather than playing in the local T20 tournament in Guyana that was used to pick the Caribbean T20 squad.

"The GCB received communication from Mr Sarwan on November 12 indicating he was confident he would be injury free by December2; this was passed on to the chairman of selectors," the release said. "The Carib/Pepsi 20/20 Big Smash competition was designed to provide opportunities and preparation for cricketers, and at no time was Mr. Sarwan ineligible to play. Mr Sarwan's suggestion that he is working on 'match fitness' in Canada during the winter is baffling."

Sarwan had said the board were being inconsistent in using his non-participation in the local T20 tournament as a reason for leaving him out of the Caribbean T20, since he had not played in Guyana's local 50-over tournament either yet had was picked in the Guyana squad for the WICB's 50-over event.

"The behaviour of Mr Sarwan subsequent to his non-selection to the Guyana team and his continued attempts to influence the selection process and abuse to executive members has caused grave concern at the Guyana Cricket Board and we are in the process of instituting disciplinary measures," the GCB release said.

Guyana will go into the Caribbean T20 with Ravindranauth Seeram, the former Guyana captain, as head coach. Seeram had been replaced by former Guyana team-mate Mark Harper for this year's regional first-class championship and Regional Super50 tournament. The GCB appoints coaches on a tournament-by-tournament basis and given Seeram's success in the July 2010 Caribbean T20, which Guyana won, they have re-appointed him for the 2011-12 event.

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  • David on December 13, 2011, 19:55 GMT

    Excellently put Yocasi. We did no better when the big guns were in the team and certainly no worse now that they are not. Chanderpaul is the only exception here and he prepares thoroughly.

  • Dummy4 on December 13, 2011, 16:55 GMT

    The Guyana Board and the West indian board are equally inane. Have they heard of the right to free speech and to criticism? They are behaving as autocrats. Players have rights and the right to be heard is one of them. They are not slaves toiling for "massa' and who "must be seen but not heard". Sarwan has a case. The Board disputes this. Let there be a hearing to determine the facts or is the Board afraid that it's mishandling will be revealed. Remember the treatment of Chandrapaul by the WI Board. Both players and the Board are there to serve the country and cricket. Sarwan has done much for himself and for cricket and has much more to offer. Put the siiliness aside and let the game begin.

  • yokasi on December 12, 2011, 22:20 GMT

    Some of the people who post here must be off their rockers! I would like Rocky Fernandes to tell us how many matches have these "match winners" won for Windies thru the course of their careers. You guys must be afflicted with an early dose of Alzheimers the way you carry on as if Windies was a winning team with Gayle, Sarwan & Co. With all those so-called big guns, the only thing that separated us from Bangladesh was a comma. Those dudes failed us not only through lack of consistent performance, but also by their ill-disciplined approach towards training, fitness and management. I hope WICB won't yield to the egos of those underachievers and their chorus boys.

  • Shival on December 12, 2011, 19:02 GMT

    Yet another dispute between a cricket board in the WI and a quality player. It seems that the WICB and other cricket boards in the region are determined to doom WI cricket to failure. When would these administration woes stop? The fans don't watch cricket to see the cricket administrators discipline cricketers, we watch cricket to see our boys perform and make us proud. The fact is, Sarwan is a high quality batsman and should be encouraged to play as much cricket as possible in order to work his way back into the WI team. The cricket boards in the West Indies need to stop this senseless policy of ruling with an iron fist; they are a major reason for the problems plaguing West Indies cricket.

  • Dummy4 on December 12, 2011, 3:35 GMT

    very bad very sad for the weak jugememt guyana selector and the no experence WICB that is screwing up WI cricket ,they all need to be replace.

  • Hira on December 11, 2011, 18:03 GMT

    as an indian fan i use to love watching sarwan gayle and chanderpaul play against india..get rid of the west indies cricket board management then surely they will all play again..its a shame that their cricket board cant deal with petty issues they have against their players properly.

  • Dummy4 on December 11, 2011, 11:02 GMT

    Although possibly not totally blameless, this is a shocking way to treat a quality player.

  • chandana on December 11, 2011, 9:22 GMT

    After the way the WI have been hammered into oblivion in India, the great pacies of yester year may be cringing in pain. Still the board seems to be hell bent on leaving players out than getting them in. I would have made Ganga captain going by the way he has lead the Trini team in T20 alone. If Sammy can find a place in the WI XI so can Ganga definitely. SAmmy wont be even in the first 20 squad of Sri lanka players!!! Hitting a couple of sixes when the match is lost does not make him an allrounder or International class :)

  • Dummy4 on December 11, 2011, 8:37 GMT

    Whats going on withWest Indies Board? Gayle and Sarwan both are match winners who shoukd be playing for West Indies. I am Indian but a big fan of Gayle. Disappointed to see him out of squad. I think even if you add all the 11 in current west indian team they cant match the skills of Gayle.

  • Madura on December 11, 2011, 6:58 GMT

    This is not a good news for WI, Sarwan should be in their team, all the bad decision of the management let WI into this bad position in their cricket they still have good team who can beat any team in the world My team WI Chris Gayle ( Captain) Chandrapaul Sarwan Dwayne Bravo Marlon Samuwells Pollard Dinesh Ramdin (wk) Sulaiman Benn Kumar Roach Fiedel edwards Jerom Taylor I think this team can defeat any team. Why management not giving chances Leave your comments

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