ICC news June 23, 2016

Future of Champions Trophy back in doubt


The future of the ICC Champions Trophy is back in doubt. It is understood that the tournament is highly likely to be scrapped after the 2021 tournament, in India, and could even be abolished after next year's tournament, in England, should a new ODI league be introduced from 2019.

The Champions Trophy was originally meant to be scrapped after the 2013 edition, but the huge commercial success of that year's tournament in England led to it being retained, at the expense of the World Test Championship that had been scheduled for 2017.

However, now the tournament faces being a victim of the ICC's ongoing review of the structure of international cricket. Under the latest proposals an ODI league, of 13 nations, is being planned from 2019, culminating in a play-off between the leading two sides in 2022.

It is felt that, with an ODI league alongside the World Cup, a third 50-over tournament would be superfluous, adding unnecessarily to the schedule and risking confusion among casual fans by creating three winners of 50-over international tournaments in the space of 24 months.

Although the Champions Trophy has proved hugely popular, in part due to its condensed nature - 15 matches will be played over 18 days in next year's competition - the ICC has never been enamoured with having two marquee tournaments in 50-over cricket alongside the World Twenty20, and had planned to scrap the tournament as far back as 2011.

Over seven editions, and despite the concise nature of the tournament, the Champions Trophy has struggled to build up a clear identity. An additional factor is the anticipated return of the World T20 to a two-year cycle. That proposal is likely to be ratified at the forthcoming ICC Annual Conference in Edinburgh.

As part of the ICC's proposals for reforms to the schedule of the international game, it is envisaged that structured competitions - ICC global events, and the leagues in Test and ODI cricket - would take up less than six months a year, creating ample time for countries to organise extra bilateral cricket, such as the Ashes, and for players to participate in domestic T20 leagues.

The commercial implications of scrapping the Champions Trophy are not a great concern. This is because the extra value of a biennial WT20 would more than offset the costs of its removal.

Indeed, it is understood that senior figures from the ICC have recently met with Star Sports in Dubai to discuss the future of ICC events and whether to retain the Champions Trophy.

It is possible that, as part of the negotiations for Star Sports to broadcast the two extra WT20s in this broadcasting cycle, scheduled for 2018 and 2022, they would agree for the 2021 Champions Trophy to be scrapped.

If it was agreed that the 2021 Champions Trophy would not take place, India, the scheduled hosts for that tournament, would be well-placed to host another WT20, in 2022 or 2024, instead.

Tim Wigmore is a freelance journalist and author of Second XI: Cricket in its Outposts

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  •   Cricinfouser on June 25, 2016, 11:11 GMT

    most exciting cricket tournament so far

    1. T20 WC 2. ODI WC

    Rest all , i am seriously least concern about

  • I-tell-you on June 24, 2016, 15:38 GMT

    Typical from ICC; scrap the best tournament. The ICC knockout trophy (most people called it mini the World Cup) has produced by far the best ODI games. The tournament in Kenya was simply amazing with some fantastic games, esp NZ against Australia. I think India also introduced 2 new kids in the trophy. Tournament in England 2004, who can forget the WI vs Eng final!! ICC please retain the tournament and maybe reduce the World Cup to every 5 years. The only confusing thing here is the meaningless T20 tournaments esp. the T20 WC which seems to come around every year!!!

  • Peter_The_Average on June 24, 2016, 15:28 GMT

    No great loss, the only ODI tournament that counts is The World Cup. Even T20 World Cups are pretty forgetful seeing how often they are on.

  • ELECTRIC_LOCO_WAP4_IS_DELUDED on June 24, 2016, 11:36 GMT

    How about the winner of 50 over World Cup plays winner of T20 World Cup, in a one off match? It's sort of like how the winner of Champions League plays against winner of Europa League in the Super Cup. So you could still have the the Champions Trophy but rebrand it as a super cup?

  • Ms.Cricket on June 24, 2016, 10:48 GMT

    All international Tests, ODIs and T20s should be scrapped and the only cricket should be IPL 12 months of the year.

  • AltafPatel on June 24, 2016, 9:39 GMT

    Why ICC thinks it as parallel to WC. If you in soccer, there are Euro, Copa america tournaments despite WC. So there is nothing wrong with that.

    If it's invalid being parallel to WC, then ICC should regularly schedule tri-angular (quadrangle) series which will keep fans' interest intact in-between the WCs which has huge gap of 4 years.

  • Sheick J Raja on June 24, 2016, 9:26 GMT

    I want champions trophy to be continue till cricket ends...

  • Ozcricketwriter on June 24, 2016, 9:15 GMT

    Wasn't this already cancelled? It acts as an alternative shorter version of the World Cup, and that's about it. Maybe they should just have this instead of the World Cup because it is a better format?

  • Debkob on June 24, 2016, 8:39 GMT

    4 years, 4 tournaments. simple. 1 for Tests (Test Championship) 1 for ODI (World cup) 1 for T20 (World T20) and for the 4th tournament, its a medley of certain traditional test clashes, like Eng-Aus; India-Pak on neutral grounds IF it is permitted; SA vs NZ and WI vs Sri Lanka?

  • srinivasan1317 on June 24, 2016, 7:33 GMT

    I don't agree with ICC on this issue. Champions Trophy is played between champion teams only and comparing it with world cup and T-20 is not correct. Review your decision and keep the champions trophy going once in two years.

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