ICC news January 10, 2016

West Indies climb to No. 1 in T20 rankings

ESPNcricinfo staff

Sri Lanka's 0-2 loss to New Zealand has been West Indies' gain © AFP

West Indies have claimed the No. 1 spot in the ICC T20 rankings after Sri Lanka, who had largely occupied the top rung since they won the World T20 in 2014, were caned by New Zealand in Auckland on Sunday. West Indies have 118.36 rating points, and are now marginally ahead of both Sri Lanka and Australia who have exactly 118 rating points each.

West Indies have played eight matches since the end of the World T20 in April 2014 and won four of them, including a world record chase against South Africa in January 2015. They gunned down 232 in 19.2 overs. Coincident to that has been Sri Lanka's fall - they have lost five of their last six matches, the latest a nine-wicket drubbing as New Zealand raced to their target of 143 in a mere 10 overs.

Sri Lanka had begun the two-match series with a seven-point lead. Losing it 0-2 meant they were yet to win a T20 series since becoming World T20 champions (although they beat England in a one-off match in May 2014) and were pushed off their No. 1 slot.

West Indies fare far worse in the other formats. They are at No. 8 in Tests, after losing the Frank Worrell Trophy 2-0, and No. 9 in ODIs.

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  • Cricinfouser on January 15, 2016, 2:53 GMT

    The new Chairman of the board has much to do. The team is sinking not because of the players inability, but bungling by coaches and managers. The first and foremost thing to do is to create a leadership ethic in the players mindset. Right now no single player has the leadership qualities evident when in the playing field. Leader does not mean being a captain. Both test/ODI and well as T-20 captains have no leadership qualities. So the need of the hour is coaching on leadership. The two has to create a sphere of influence through inter-personal capabilities. Sadly though in tests, in ODI and in T-20 there was no actions that a leader takes. So now it is up to the chairman and the board to work on building leadership qualities in the team. unless this is done, our team will soon sink below Hong Kong, Namibia, Afghanistan and all those associate teams.

  • Protap on January 14, 2016, 18:21 GMT

    Why are you people so jealous of WI? I do not understand. They have achieved it. If you are rank 1 it means you have achieved it. Also, if you are at rank 10, you have achieved it. It is straight as that.

  • Reg on January 12, 2016, 17:41 GMT

    To be more accurate, the headline should probably read "Sri Lanka vacate No. 1 in T20 rankings" . But looking at the numbers, with 4 points covering the top seven nations, and 8 points the whole of the top eight, apparently we're all strong contenders. The World T20 should be an exciting tournament, though it will probably all come down to the pitches . . .

  • randolf on January 11, 2016, 22:39 GMT

    Sammy has not been contracted because they want to give Jason Holder captaincy for all formats to do pure nonsense!

  • Ray on January 11, 2016, 22:35 GMT

    The West Indies now have a propaganda machine, to rival North Korea's. After being walloped by Australia in Tests, getting this top-ranking billing in T20, might be appeasing to some, but not to me. Sorry. Count me out of the cheerleading band

  • Ricardo on January 11, 2016, 17:14 GMT

    T20 is the only format that most of the West Indian players are available to play, so it doesn't surprise me there number one. West Indians play exciting cricket and this is the number one format for excitement currently. I think the WICB should focus on T20, and get out of all other formats that are not profitable.

  • Robin on January 11, 2016, 16:23 GMT

    There's a whole bunch of reasons for this, the main one being that this format is the only one the players in the Caribbean genuinely care about. It draws the biggest crowds, as well as the highest financial rewards. Gone are the days of representing your Country/Island with pride, the dollar-dollar is where it's at!!...unfortunately.

  • Weeramuni on January 11, 2016, 16:11 GMT

    Please bring Kusal Perera ..i wonder why sort minister still quite ..send home Jerome jayarathna /champika ramanayaka .. they are very awful..because still our national coach not well educate and they not level equal to world class training stand . It dosent matte about their talent at the cricket arena when their playing ...

  • ARVIND on January 11, 2016, 10:06 GMT

    India should play more international T20s to improve rather than boasting about IPL.

  • jared on January 11, 2016, 9:05 GMT

    Been alot of doom and gloom surrounding west Indies cricket of late and with good reason but not all is lost, I've been a big fan of the big bash this year, been some amazing cricket on display whether you enjoy the format or not, one thing that has stood out for me is just how good the west Indian players are in that tournament, if the west Indies board can somehow get its act together so its players can somehow commit to the greater west Indian cause and still be allowed to earn the riches of the t20 leagues the west Indies should come good again, from being the world's best t20 team it is a natural progression to becoming a good odi side and once you are a good odi side you then have a foundation on which to start building a good test side again, I really hope for crickets sake that the west Indies can get it right, world cricket was so much better off when they were good and they are still producing talent so surely its not too late.

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