November 19, 1999

Historic ICC meeting in Toronto

Important developments have taken place recently in the organisation of cricket at the non-Test level which will have far reaching repercussions for the sport in two of the ICC's Development regions.

An historic meeting in Toronto on the weekend of November 6-7 has provided the impetus for what should see the establishment of a continental body for the Americas region sometime over the next 12 months.

Officials from Canada, Bermuda, the United States, Argentina and the Cayman Islands were joined by ICC Global Development Officer, Mr. Ross Turner, ICC Americas Development Officer, Mr. John Shepherd and other key officials to discuss issues of common interest relating to cricket's growth in the Americas.

Two of the main issues were establishing the next step in forming a continental body, while the possibility of a continental tournament was also canvassed.

A meeting in February is likely to see more progress on both issues.

The continental tournament may possibly be held in July or August with Canada the likely venue.

The other major issue was the composition of the Americas team for January's Youth World Cup in Sri Lanka. It was agreed Canada and Bermuda would each provide four players, while the United States and Argentina will contribute three each.

The Americas was one of two ICC regions which had yet to establish a continental authority - East Asia Pacific was the other.

The first step in that direction has been made with representatives of 12 countries invited to a meeting in February in Auckland.

Papua-New Guinea, Fiji, Hong Kong, Brunei Darussalum, Vanuatu, Japan, Tonga, Samoa, New Caledonia, the Cook Islands and South Korea have all been invited to send delegates to a first ever regional meeting.

Similarly to the Americas, a regional body and tournament will be among the issues discussed.

October has tentatively been scheduled for the regional tournament, although that would clash with Fiji and PNG's participation in the ACC Trophy in the United Arab Emirates.