December 11, 2000

Moin's go-slow tactics come under fire

Staff and Agencies

Pakistan captain Moin Khan has been criticised for the tactics he employed to try to prevent England from winning the third Test in Karachi.

Moin slowed the over rate to just nine an hour, with repeated field changes and lengthy discussions with his players leaving England to bat in near darkness towards the closing moments of the match. He also adopted the unusual tactic, for a captain in the field, of appealing against the light.

Umpire Steve Bucknor tapped his watch to signal his displeasure with the tactics, a gesture that Moin responded to by entering into a further debate to enquire as to what Bucknor meant. Ranjan Madugalle, the match referee, spoke to Moin during the tea interval to remind him of his responsibilities.

New ICC regulations will outlaw a repetition of the delaying ploy. A penalty of five runs can be awarded to the batting side if the match referee feels they are deliberately slowing down play. However, the new law has yet to take effect in international cricket.

Former England captain, Mike Gatting, commented: "It was a bit sad that Moin felt he should appeal against the light himself. You can understand them slowing it down, for obvious reasons. But to appeal against the light, I thought, was a bit harsh."