The A-Z of Cricinfo

From Ask Steven to the ZCU: a glossary of the site's journey

Nishi Narayanan and Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

CricInfo CEO Simon King (left) with British High Commissioner Peter Longworth and Zimbabwe fast bowler Henry Olonga at the presentation of CricInfo's 5 million Zimbabwe dollar donation to Zimbabwe Cricket Development.
In this photo taken in 2000, Simon King (left) poses with then British High Commissioner Peter Longworth and Zimbabwe bowler Henry Olonga © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

King, Simon

King was the main force in shaping the site, getting volunteers to contribute scorecards and other data, organising registration for users, and trying to cut deals with the ICC and national boards: Cricinfo was the official site of the 1996 World Cup and the 1997 ICC Trophy, and hosted several boards' official sites. King registered Cricinfo as a privately owned company in the UK in 1996.