Episode Eleven - Squat Jumps

As you all know, there should be a warm-up of 5-10 minutes prior to any training session. It is also advisable to start your training session with what we call an activation exercise. In other words it requires a jump or explosive movement that incorporates more than one muscle group. This also stimulates the brain to execute the movement. The squat jump is a simple but effective activation exercise to get your session going or to incorporate it as part of your circuit. As with the box jump, always aim to jump higher - decide beforehand if you are doing the exercise to develop muscle endurance or explosive power and adjust your repetitions and rest intervals accordingly.


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Gillette Fitness Zone video series presented by Adrian Le Roux will explore fitness exercises to enhance the performance of the modern day cricket player. The 25-episode series will focus on the functional exercises that can be done anyplace anywhere; and then move on to functional and core stability exercises that involve lot of movement and power.

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