Competition Format

The ICC Women's World Cup 2013 will be contested by 8 teams which have been 'seeded' and divided into two groups:

Group A Group B
England Australia
India New Zealand
West Indies Pakistan
Sri Lanka South Africa

The first round of the competition will be the Group stage.

Each team will play every other team in its group. Points will be allocated for each match in accordance with the system described in clause 21.10 of these playing conditions, which will apply throughout the competition.

Following the Group stage the top 3 teams in each group will progress to the next phase (the Super Sixes). Each team will play every other team that has qualified for the Super Sixes except for the teams that it played in the Group stage. The results of the Group matches played against the other teams that qualified for the Super Sixes and any points gained in those matches will be carried forward to the Super Sixes. The points from the Group match played against the team that did not qualify for the Super Sixes will not be carried forward to the Super Sixes.

Provided they qualify, each of the top three teams will retain its ranking from the group stage through to the Super Sixes, regardless of their finishing position in the group. For example, England will be ranked A1 whether they finish first, second or third at the end of the group stage. If the fourth ranked team in a group qualifies for the Super Six stage, they will adopt the ranking of the team that they have replaced. For example if Sri Lanka qualifies at the expense of England, Sri Lanka would follow the fixtures for A1 in the Super Six stage.

At the end of the Super Sixes the top two teams will contest the ICC Women's World Cup Final 2013.

The teams that finish 3rd and 4th in the Super Sixes will participate in the 3rd / 4th playoff match.

The teams that finish 5th and 6th in the Super Sixes will participate in the 5th / 6th playoff match.

In addition, the teams that finish 4th in each Group will participate in the 7th / 8th playoff match.