IPL news May 17, 2011

BCCI to decide on Warne-Dixit issue

ESPNcricinfo staff

Shane Warne and Rajasthan Cricket Association secretary Sanjay Dixit, the protagonists of an argument over the changing of pitches in Jaipur during the IPL, are waiting for the BCCI's judgement on the issue after a hearing in Mumbai. They appeared before a panel comprising IPL chairman Chirayu Amin, Ravi Shastri and IMG's legal counsel John Loffhagen, and gave their versions of the incident, which took place after Rajasthan Royals lost to Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium.

"We had a long meeting and the judgement is awaited," Dixit said. "Our views have been heard by the panel and the hearing was conducted in a very good atmosphere. The proceedings of the hearing are confidential. I am not at liberty to reveal the proceedings."

Dixit said the hearing was only about the complaint he lodged with the IPL regarding Warne's alleged misbehaviour. When asked if the RCA was considering filing a criminal complaint against Warne, Dixit said he would wait for the judgement before making a decision. Warne attended the hearing with Sean Morris, Rajasthan's chief executive, and they left immediately after without speaking to the media.

The RCA had complained to the BCCI and IPL that Warne reportedly abused Dixit after his team's loss to Bangalore in Jaipur. The pitch used for that game, and the previous one against Chennai Super Kings, was different from the one Warne's team had enjoyed a strong home advantage on. The Times of India reported that RCA venue director Narendra Joshi had written to IPL's chief operating officer Sundar Raman, alleging that Warne had publicly abused Dixit by calling him "a liar and egoistic," and demanded action against Warne.

Since the pitch was changed on May 9, Warne and Dixit have engaged in a war of words that has been fought in public, private and through the media. The hearing in Mumbai followed RCA's rejection of an apology offered by the Rajasthan franchise, with the state board also threatening further action if the matter was not resolved to its satisfaction.

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  • Big on May 19, 2011, 13:49 GMT

    @Fawad, sorry you were sleeping while IPL was going on. It does happen when your favorite players are not in IPL. Don't worry it will be over soon.

  • Dummy4 on May 18, 2011, 3:59 GMT

    Is the IPL still going on?? Wow.. thats long..

  • Richard on May 17, 2011, 19:16 GMT

    @HiyernHiyer-I'm not sure it was done openly in a public forum at all. It only became news when Mr Dixit got in a huff about it from what I can see.

  • Richard on May 17, 2011, 19:08 GMT

    @bigwonder-Hang on a minute mate, if Dixit is allowed freedom of speech then how about Warne? These real people that you talk about, who are supposed to "care about and love cricket" are more interested in their egos, it's plain for all to see, except you it appears. Floating the idea of criminal proceedings is simply surreal. Of course it won't happen, he's just trying to save face, but at what cost? Lecturing me on freedom of speech is interesting given it appears it doesn't exist there. We can say pretty much what we want here. Does the cricket world really need Mr Dixit? Do you really think the ICC is more just today than in the past? Yeah, whatever you reckon mate.

  • Hari on May 17, 2011, 18:30 GMT

    And bythe way, Warney himself has apologised andSean Morris has also said that action will be disciplinary taken. Lastly Its high time that the Pots stop calling the Kettle black. I wonder what would have happened if this would have happened with in the Aussie league. Maybe you would have asked Warney and the Secy of the Aussie CA to Kiss and make up??

  • Hari on May 17, 2011, 18:27 GMT

    @Biggus. No offence but its not what Warne did but how he chose to do it that could land him in touble. Its not illegal in India to call some one a liar, but to publicly accuse or abuse someone is not acceptable and they are well within their rights to take legal action. Also, if the BCCI has financial clout, please learn to accept the fact and stop whining or BCCI bashing which seems to have become a favourite pastime with all and sundry. If you think you are brave enough then challenge the system and change it or please enjoy the entertainment. I dont think anybody has a right to criticise the BCCI or the IPL as everyone wants to either copy them (SPL, Big Bash etc) and be jealous of them. If the RCA episode has given IPL a bad name, then what kind of an impression have the famous sporting "Underarm ball" by Chappel Jr to the Shane Warne "escapades" given Oz cricket.

  • Amardeep on May 17, 2011, 18:08 GMT

    @bigwonder, extreme much? The sport was created by England and Australia and to say that because they sledge they should be kicked out ICC is absurd. How can you possibly say English and Australian players do not care and love the game they have dedicated their lives to? Biggus is right that this has been blown massively out of proportion. The same Sanjay Dixit tweeted asking if Tendulkar would blame being out to a full toss on the pitch. Could he not be blamed of slander too? In a public forum compared to what seems to be behind closed doors. Neither are criminal acts in any logical manner.

  • Big on May 17, 2011, 17:45 GMT

    @Biggus, its called freedom of speech which Dixit was exercising his right while Shane was abusing his rights. If one or more countries want to leave ICC (namely England and Australia) - be our guest, there are plenty who would like to join in. ICC was run by bigots in the past who turned their eye when they saw racism - for example, umpires were pressured in making a decision by Punter, Stuart Broad getting a small slap on the hand for intentionally throwing a ball at the batsman. But when Bhaji responded back to Symond's sledging, the so called country made a big deal out it. It will be in great interest of the Cricket for England and Australia to get out of ICC and let real people (who care about and love Cricket) handle the sport since its a hot cake you can't handle.

  • Richard on May 17, 2011, 17:01 GMT

    "When asked if the RCA was considering filing a criminal complaint against Warne, Dixit said he would wait for the judgement before making a decision"-eh? Is it illegal in India to call someone a, "liar and an egoist" and if so, what are the punishments? Remember, the initial incident wasn't in a particularly public forum, and therefore it would surely be difficult to prove any meaningful defamation, and Dixit would have to prove that he wasn't what Warne accused him of being. My goodness, perhaps Warne should have held his tongue, but this is getting surreal. If these are the sort of people who control cricket in India, and therefore the ICC, I can forsee a time when one or more countries will see fit to leave the ICC and make their own arrangements. What a poor advertisment for the IPL. Too silly for words, but I guess I better watch myself or I might be charged as well. What a brave new world!

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