The IPL mess April 25, 2010

A timeline of the IPL mess

Cricinfo staff
A timeline of a controversy leading up to Lalit Modi's suspension

March 7: BCCI cancels IPL franchise tender process after objections over stiff financial clauses. Asks for fresh bids.

March 21: New bids opened; Sahara wins Pune, Rendezvous group gets Kochi for $333.33 million. Shashi Tharoor, an MP from Kerala and junior foreign minister in the Congress government, plays mentoring role.

Interim: Reports suggest Rendezvous' surprise bid has upset bigger players. Tharoor reportedly meets Congress leaders, asks them to ensure pressure eases on Kochi owners and says he has no personal material stake in franchise.

April 9: Media reports say IPL raises questions over Kochi's shareholding pattern, asks Rendezvous to clarify its ownership structure.

April 10: Kochi owners meet Modi in Bangalore, sign formal agreement to be part of IPL, and disclose ownership structure.

April 11: Modi reveals Kochi's shareholding pattern on Twitter. Says one shareholder is Sunanda Pushkar, whom Tharoor says he "knows well".

April 12: Kochi complains to BCCI over Modi's revelations. BCCI chief Shashank Manohar criticises Modi, who defends himself by saying no breach of propriety.

April 12-13: Tharoor issues statement denying personal stake in Kochi and alleges Modi wants the franchise moved out.

April 14: In his first public statement since the controversy broke, Modi says he disclosed Kochi's shareholding pattern because of the general confusion over the details.

April 14: The controversy grows when Kochi CEO alleges Modi offered them $50 million to "quit the game and get out" after their successful bid.

April 15: Income Tax officials visit BCCI headquarters in Mumbai and conduct an eight-hour operation in the IPL office and Modi's residence to inquire into funding for the IPL.

April 18: Tharoor resigns as minister, a result of conflict-of-interest allegations in his mentoring Kochi. Pushkar, Tharoor's close friend, gives up her 4.7% "sweat equity" stake in the franchise.

April 19: India's finance minister says all aspects of the IPL are under scrutiny. The statement comes amid allegations of financial impropriety against Modi.

April 20: An IPL governing council meeting is convened by BCCI secretary N Srinivasan for April 26 to decide Modi's fate. Modi calls meeting invalid and says he won't attend, BCCI disagrees.

April 21: There are raids by I-T officials at offices of MSM and WSG, who hold the IPL broadcast rights. They also visit offices of the Punjab, Kolkata and Deccan franchises. Modi is questioned about a multi-million dollar contract for the league's broadcasting rights.

April 23: Former BCCI chief AC Muthiah files petition in the Supreme Court challenging the Indian board's rules that permit BCCI and IPL administrators to own league teams. Srinivasan, the board secretary, also owns the Chennai franchise.

April 24: Top BCCI officials skip the IPL Awards in Mumbai. All indications are they will attempt to oust Modi at the meeting.

April 25: Modi agrees to attend governing council meeting and releases an agenda that includes a request for all complaints to be supported by documents.

April 26: The BCCI serves a suspension notice to Lalit Modi upon the conclusion of the IPL final, following several allegations of financial misconduct over the past fortnight.