Indian Premier League 2010 April 25, 2010

BCCI suspends Lalit Modi

Cricinfo staff

The BCCI has suspended Lalit Modi, the IPL chairman, for "alleged acts of individual misdemeanours", bringing down the curtains on one particularly unsavoury episode in the BCCI's history but very possibly leaving the door open for more twists in this saga. Modi's three-year reign was effectively ended moments after the conclusion of the tournament final in Mumbai on Sunday and he responded in melodramatic fashion with an emotional speech at the awards ceremony.

The suspension notice was served on him by Rajeev Shukla, a BCCI vice-president, at the conclusion of Sunday's game, with N Srinivasan, the board secretary, sending an email to the same effect. It followed a day of negotiations with interlocutors attempting to persuade Modi to resign but pre-empted a potentially flashpoint at Monday's scheduled IPL governing council meeting, which Modi had said he would attend. He is now officially barred from participating in the affairs of the Board, the IPL and any other committee of the BCCI and has 15 days to respond to the charges levelled at him.

The public confirmation of his suspension came in a statement from BCCI president Shashank Manohar issued shortly after the end of Sunday's final. "Alleged acts of individual misdemeanours of Mr Lalit K Modi, chairman IPL and vice president BCCI, have brought a bad name to the administration of cricket and the game itself," it said.

"I have waited for IPL 2010 to conclude in order to respond to the situation as I did not want the event to be disrupted in any manner. Immediately after the conclusion of the IPL final, the secretary, BCCI Mr N Srinivasan has in consultation with me issued a show cause notice to Mr. Lalit K Modi under Rule 32 (iv) calling upon him to show cause within 15 days why disciplinary action should not be taken against him. Simultaneously, in exercise of the powers vested in me under Rule 32 (vii), I have suspended Mr. Lalit K Modi from participating in the affairs of the Board, the IPL, the working committee and any other committee of the Board of Control for Cricket in India."

Modi had apparently received that notice by the time he went up to the podium for the post-match presentations, and it prompted an emotional, lengthy speech. "We have had some off field unpleasant dramas only based on innuendo, half truths and motivated leaks from all kinds of sources," he said. "I assure you all decisions have been taken jointly by the governing council and approved by the general body... Still, as the leader of the team, if there is any flouting of rules or any other financial irregularity, I will take full responsibility."

Earlier, before he received the notice, he had taken a similar combative stand while talking to NDTV. Informed of the imminent suspension, he said: ""Good for them. Are they so scared of me attending? Are they so scared of the truth?"

His allusion was to the growing perception that Modi alone was not responsible for the alleged misdemeanours, that there were other, possibly more powerful forces at play as well. Those forces would have preferred Modi to resign, resulting in a swift and clean break, rather than be sacked, which would necessitate a formal inquiry and the production of potentially damaging documents.

In any case, Modi's suspension rules him out of Monday's IPL governing council meeting. The meeting had been convened by Srinivasan but Modi had, on Sunday evening, sent out an agenda that included "a discussion on any complaints received in writing from members of the governing council against the chairman, other members of the council and/or the BCCI."It also said members of the governing council "had been requested to give all such complaints in writing with the requisite supporting documents".

The agenda is now likely to focus more on life after Lalit: picking an interim IPL chairman and working out a plan for the future. BCCI sources say for the moment Manohar will himself take charge of the IPL sub-committee. The first few weeks are likely to be spent in a clean-up operation and a scrutiny of the Modi-era transactions.

The actual management of the league is likely to be handed over to a CEO - probably appointed from outside - with reduced powers but greater assistance. He could be assisted by department heads for marketing, finance, logistics and the like.

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  • Dummy4 on April 26, 2010, 17:35 GMT

    I hope this issue will ends the politics in sports.

  • nipun on April 26, 2010, 15:56 GMT

    my personal thought is he got wat he deserves.he started ipl to punish icl he condemened players like Great Kapil Dev then copied all items from icl showed all is his creation.then he played god in cricket challenging icc{to change there schdule to meet his]. now he is geting what he deserves

  • PATTABIRAMAN on April 26, 2010, 15:48 GMT

    The controversies surrounding IPL reminds me of the SATHYAM episode. As in the case of SATYHAM where Ramalinga Raju was permitted to run amok by the Board,the BCCI has let Modi run amok. The IPL is a great success as was SATHYAM. The GOI very successfully saved SATHYAM by delinking the company and the witch hunt of Raju. Here the BCCI must focus on saving IPL by strengthening the management of IPL. The witch hunt of Modi is secondary although necessary.

  • Tikka on April 26, 2010, 15:48 GMT

    I am actually glad to see the back of him. I always thought he loved himself and thought he was something big. He comes out as arrogant. Do remember it was him who started this mess by twittering. And you cannot give him credit for bringing t20 to india either, that was ICL. But because Modi and co realised what a moneyspinner it is, they went after ICL like mad dogs instead of accepting it. Cricket will survive this and will soon be forgotten.

  • Kevin on April 26, 2010, 15:24 GMT

    BCCI is hiding lot of unpleasant truth by stone walling Modi and trying to clean their dirty laundry behind the scene.

    Many influential and powerful people are involved and BCCI and government are trying to protect them.

    What a sham and shame!!!!

  • Pradeep on April 26, 2010, 15:09 GMT

    Great to hear about Modi's suspension. At least now his king sized ego will shrink. He must be left out of the administration of all cricket matters and be asked to head league for football or hockey and do a repeat of his so called heriocs in IPL. Can he turn around any another sport other than cricket in India? He sure cannot. He can never take any credit for IPL as cricket sells in India like no other and the league is a total copy of the other professional sporting leagues around the world. Even the word commissioner was a lift from one of the American leagues and BCCI would do well to call Amin a CEO or use some other term.

  • Damian on April 26, 2010, 14:46 GMT

    They will have to make a movie out of this - The Shashank Redemption

  • Prashanth on April 26, 2010, 14:29 GMT

    All because of political issue. There are issues, where there is money. Its common in all kind of games. But one sad thing is Indian cricket is following Pakistan cricket. Very sad! At least next time it should not repeat in Indian Cricket.

  • Dummy4 on April 26, 2010, 14:24 GMT

    is he looking at jail time?

  • Swagat on April 26, 2010, 13:58 GMT

    the fall was in the cards for modi..nodoubt he is the primosuprimo of IPL bt at the same time he has bought same to the cricketing world in general and to the cricketing lovers in particular..Wonder if honesty is the best policy !!!!

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