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'Et tu?'

Julius Caesar was told to beware the ides of March. Here's a look at betrayals that could occur in cricket on March 15

Some vital records that are on the verge of being broken

Want stats? Bet you didn't know about these upcoming milestones

A dual-purpose news report about England

Not sure what's going on with their T20 side? Help is at hand

Warnie fixes Australian cricket

The blond legend's blueprint for success - leaked

County names re-rebranded to truthfully reflect roots

Lobby group demands nicknames in American style to be done away with

Where can cricket be played next?

A list of alternative venues for cricket to explore

What to look forward to in 2013

A handy month-by-month breakdown of what we can expect from the world of cricket this year

The young players not to watch in 2013

This year has seen some eye-catching debuts for several of the Test nations. Here's a rundown of the players who might be bursting onto the scene in the next

Dodgy prawns and other delights

England are in India. Time to dig out the food-related cricket stories

What now for Ricky Ponting?

The Perth Test will be the last time we see the great man pull on the baggy green. But what might retirement hold?

Cricketers coming to a screen near you soon

In the wake of Flintoff's new TV show, we look at what other similar televisual delights you can expect in the near future

Hey Viv, no gum

What if cricketers were paid to give up what they are remembered for?

Who will sponsor English cricket?

We line up potential investors

Didn't they make a movie about it?

Recent cricket events that wouldn't look out of place on a Hollywood set

What cricketers want

Sometimes even players need to advertise in the classifieds

Yes, minister

Cricketers who could be cabinet ministers

Who watches the IPL?

Didn't know? This handy guide to the species will help

What spot-fixing has taught us (over and over again)

The most overused words in the coverage of the trial

Cricket, you've been served

Not everything in our game is as it seems. Call the lawyers now

I'm an MBE... Get me a TV show

You'll now get to see former England bowlers in new avatars

Cricketers need help too

Self-help books aren't just for dysfunctional old you and me

Look on the bright side, India

There are always positives to be taken. Even from a tour as dismal as the England one

A letter to Sanath

Politics isn't the place for Jayasuriya, as one of his constituents explains

Give 'em a degree

In the wake of MS Dhoni's honorary doctorate, we look at other players to have been similarly honoured

England are No. 1? Lord help us

Reasons why the change at the top of the Test cricket rankings is not good news

Why it's good India lost the No. 1 ranking

Eight reasons we should all be happy with the shift at the top of the rankings

Tricking fate for Tendulkar's sake

This is your chance to speed up the milestone looming over all our heads

The worst jobs in cricket

Being a streaker in Cardiff in May is a picnic compared to these

Stirring speeches to stay up for

You've heard about Sangakkara's. Here's a list of other speeches to watch out for

The Chinese are coming

Here's what you need to know and prepare yourself for

Ponting-proof sanitary padding for men

And other inventive products cricketers have been clamouring for

There is always a threat. Be that threat

Revealed: the secret project that was responsible for England winning the Cardiff Test

Deeply drippy

Cricket has a noble tradition of players leaving bodily fluids on the pitch

The truth about Shoaib (and some lies)

When it comes to the man all-too-soon to be formerly known as the Rawalpindi Express, reality is stranger than fiction. We put together some facts and untruths. Which of these is which?

Why England lost to Ireland

The harsh truths, conveniently assembled in a list

Don't win it for Sachin

It's not just about Tendulkar. Here's a list of people and causes India can win the World Cup for

Coming to a screen near you

Why hasn't cricket had any great films made about it? Here are some that could fill that vacancy

Flippin' mad

Why have coin tosses, where luck decides who gets to bat or field first? Let's bring some skill, endurance, knowledge and hand-eye into it, shall we?

Going once...

What IPL franchises can offer to players other than loads of lolly

Beer with us

Australia's latest selection has opened up a can of worms or is it a can of...?

Now that's what I call fighting talk

Three handy phrases that will show a team is in fine shape for Cricket's Biggest Contest

Innings defeat? Look on the bright side

A dossier from the ECB's positivity guru, sent to Andy Flower, advises England to keep their chins up no matter what

Tweet, score, retire, repeat

Kevin Pietersen's list of must-dos for every up-and-coming international batsman

Oi, we need some characters over here

The England dressing room is a dull place sans the likes of Freddie. Can some players step manfully up to the plate, please?

A code of Tweetiquette

What players should and shouldn't post on their micro-blogging page thingies

Cricketing demagogues

Stirring captains' speeches from the past that lifted hearts, soothed nerves and prompted trips to the pub

Excusez moi

Dog ate your homework? Surely you can do a little better than that

Dodgy pitches? Try these

Players complain about conditions unnecessarily these days. Things used to be much worse in the old days

Run fests? Flat pitches? So last century

There's nothing modern about coma-inducing matches

Cracking good reads

A few classic cricket titles you may have missed

For the love of Murali

Who's greater, Warne or the Sri Lankan with 800? We can finally lay that argument to rest

Now that's what I call humiliating

What's the most ignominious way to get out? These are hard to beat

What cricket can learn from the football World Cup

Bring on the molluscs, naked sprints and red cards

Cut that out

Things players can drop from their repertoires to be more effective

That's disgraceful

No ignominy is too demeaning for England. To prove it, we've picked 17 of the finest shameful moments from their history. (Featuring rather a lot of players named Ian. Hmm.)

Kick it up a notch

Cricketers who wouldn't be half-bad at football

Make believe and you shall receive

The IPL was followed by the World Twenty20 and now we have the Friends Provident t20 upon us. How do you avoid viewer-burnout for this format?

Excellent nomenclature

The most rocking player names in all of cricket

Ashton who?

A newspaper is campaigning to make Sachin Tendulkar the most-followed person on Twitter. We've got some advice for Mr T on what he can do to help the process along

Moves for Modi

What's a poor IPL commissioner to do if he is not IPL commissioner anymore? We've got a few suggestions

From Abba to zoozoos

An A to Z of the IPL. All together now...

Let them entertain us

Players are set to wow the audience with their (non-cricketing) talents at the inaugural IPL awards tonight. We have a list of some cricketers we'd like to see perform

Power to the players

If the likes of Dravid and Ponting went into politics, would the world be a better place?

Overdosed on the IPL?

Three weeks into the tournament and more than a few of us are feeling the effects of IPL fatigue. Are you one of the unfortunates thus afflicted? Our handy checklist will let you find out soon enough.

The seven plagues of the IPL

We've had moths and dogs. Here are some entertaining disruptions we'd like to see this season. Note: contains a Tendulkar tantrum

So long Shoaib, goodbye Colly

Each IPL is replaced by another, full of developments stunning and new. What better time to look back at things and people we'll miss from the previous editions?

I'll take Dubai

Ten world leaders (and one rock star) and what they'd have brought to the ICC's top role

Don't retire, be clever

Too many players are quitting Tests to extend their career. Not cool. Here are a dozen ways to keep your whites while being injury- and stress-free

Nice pairs

Television's Amazing Race unfailingly delivers stereotype teams each season. What if cricketers were to go on the show, we asked ourselves

The roaches of the game

Players who would survive bio-hazard disasters, nuclear war and Judgment Day

How to survive the review system

No rude gestures, no trust, no sweat: a handy guide to the UDRS for cricketers everywhere

Tap, scratch, dig

Jonathan Trott has made few friends in the South African team by spending an eternity taking guard. Here's a list of lesser-known, practically unknown, guard-takers

They're playing our song

An XI of tunes that are - unbeknownst to us - actually about cricket and cricketers

Keepers, codgers, Saffers

Likely teams that can star in the 2010 county cricket one-dayers

Grannies, mummies and other ladies

Behind every famous cricketer there's a formidable female relative. We look at a dozen of cricket's better-known ones

A stroke of bad Haq

The Inzamam and Misbah odd-dismissals Hall of Fame

Accentuate the negative

Eight ways England can stay grounded after their Ashes win

Creature feature

When asked what his favourite animal was, Steve Waugh replied, "Merv Hughes". Here are some more cricketers who could be animals

The seven habits of highly effective fans

Setting effigies alight is passé. We've got a bunch of innovative ways India supporters can express their unhappiness

Pads, gloves, greasepaint

Movie roles that can be played by cricketers

Get jiggy wid' it

Eight ways the atmosphere at Lord's could be improved for World Twenty20 matches

Guest appearances

Eleven things Shoaib Akhtar can do to liven up the World Twenty20, now that he's not going to be playing in it

Follicular spectacular

The best hair in the tournament? Look no further than these fine gents

Thirteen from two

A baker's dozen of things the second season of the IPL taught us

Put 'em in a box

Eleven players we'd like to see take up commentary duties

Wish upon a star

Ten celebrities we'd like to see associate themselves with the IPL

Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy

They're redefining the term heavy hitter. Meet our fat lads XI

Colour 'em appropriate

Eight things the uniforms at this year's IPL reveal about the men who wear them. As disclosed by leading spectrumologist Marcia Nicholas

They're playing our song

Twelve theme tunes for people figuring in this year's IPL

Stretch that cash till it squeals

Twelve ways the IPL can show it respects the recession


They play cricket, but their true callings are elsewhere. Our alternative-employment XI has the details

Bling when you're winning

Ten must-have accessories for an age when players need to wear shades because their jewellery is so shiny

Plug and play

Ten things commentators will be shafted for shilling next year

Who's doing what, to whom

Eighteen Facebook status messages that are doing the rounds

Down with royalty, celebrity, and single captaincy

Nine things we love to hate about the IPL

Warm that bench, lads

Ten things Collingwood and Shah could do, since they don't look likely to play a game anytime soon

Descartes, Hegel, Harbhajan

Ten of the most influential thinkers in the modern game. And Andrew Symonds

Sharp nicks

We salute XI players whose handles go a bit beyond the addition of a "y" to their names. Warning: Aussie-heavy

Prepare to cringe

Twenty-five headlines we're afraid we're going to see this IPL season

Let's take a moment (or 75)

Inspired by the strategy time-out, 11 other breaks that cricket can work into games

Drool, drool, slurp

Cheerleaders may attract more men to the IPL but who brings the girls in? Here are XI IPL hotties who get the ladies giggling and tossing their hair

Deck the halls with boughs of lolly

Ten songs on heavy rotation on Lalit Modi's iPod

Bringing it all back home

Seven ways to make the IPL in South Africa a more authentically Indian experience

Coachie coo

Five things Sourav Ganguly can do to get along better with coaches

Men behaving badly

Tempers. Drug-taking. Excessive drinking. Fishing. All the vices are covered in our bad boys XI

Hold that bon mot

Five things television commentators must be banned from uttering

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