Kenya news December 12, 2013

Tikolo named Kenya interim coach

ESPNcricinfo staff

Steve Tikolo, the former Kenya allrounder, has been named as Kenya's interim head coach, replacing Robin Brown, who stood down after the side's failure to qualify for the 2014 World Twenty20. Brown had tendered his resignation on Monday, along with team captain Collins Obuya. Rakep Patel will take over the reins of the squad.

David Pamba, a Cricket Kenya administrative officer, explained the new direction the team was headed in. "Obuya has opted to step down as the team captain but will continue to offer his services as a player," Pamba told AFP. "Young batsman Rakep Patel has been named the new captain, as Kenya seeks to rebuild the team for the future."

Tikolo ,who had retired from international cricket following the 2011 World Cup, had been recalled by the national team in October to help them in their pursuit of a berth for the qualifying stage of the World T20. Kenya, however, did not do as well as they would have liked, finishing in 11th place.

Kenya had also failed to secure a spot for the 2015 World Cup when they were beaten by Afghanistan in the World Cricket League, but they do have another chance at qualification during next month's qualifiers in New Zealand, where the final two spots will be determined among the list of contenders.

Tikolo has played 134 ODIs in which he scored 3421 runs and took 94 wickets. In 15 T20Is, he has 345 runs and 12 wickets.

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  • Rajarshi on December 13, 2013, 15:28 GMT

    Kenyans were once a dangerous side . But, today anyone and everyone can defeat Kenya that too convincingly. You played with heart in 2003 WC. I don't see that today.Fights b/w Boards,Officials and Players has led to the doomed of this once promising team. Bring in the Tikolo's and Odoyo's can't help this team much. Cricket is changing but this team is stagnant. They are living in 2003. Wake Up !! its 2013.

    Kenya is know for its Lions. Lions are King of the Jungle.The Kenyan Team is that Lion Roar yourself through to the WC 2015. You can do this !!!. See at your Kenyan Rugby Team and long distance runners they never gave up Why should you !!!!! Hope Thomas and Steve read this. KC's DIE HARD FAN

  • Hussein on December 13, 2013, 6:41 GMT

    Something positive for Kenyan Cricket Congrats to Rakeep and big thanks to Collins.Also Steve Tikolo should use this to turn the national teams fortunes around.Get more promising players in the team and if Tanmay can be brought back if his issues have been sorted out.Some tips for Tikolo Bowlers should look at getting early wickets and batsman not to get bogged down in the first few overs.Best of luck guys.GOD BLESS KENYAN CRICKET

  • ZCF on December 12, 2013, 20:15 GMT

    It's a pity. I feel in the last part he did a good job, particularly angling for the experienced players who still had a lot to offer. As far as I'm concerned Kenya did very well. They played excellently and beat one of their strongest opposition(Sco), and restricted&should've beat the toughest(Afg&Ned), with conditions that favoured Afghanistan. Having said that they lost games they shouldn't have lost early on which cost them. Some are down to being careless(Nepal&Ned), the other down to the ICC's lax rules(PNG-Jones etc)

    Come back to the Tuskers Robin! I don't trust Wayne James with our boys. Streak&Houghton rode on a proven chucker, but at the time you laid the foundations for our future success and vacated the scene so those two undeserving guys could reap the rewards.

    As far as Kenyan Cricket is concerned, in Tikolo we trust. Africa could do with another Test nation. Zimbabwe is struggling alone with finances proving to be a problem.

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