Pakistan news July 8, 2014

Pakistan get more Tests, but shorter series with India


Pakistan are likely to play 77 Tests till January 2023 and will see an increase in the volume of cricket with arch-rivals India as per the latest version of FTP which has been seen by ESPNcricinfo. Despite the increase in numbers, however, each of the three home series with India is likely to feature only two Tests, downgrading the marquee contests.

Apart from the series in 1999 in India, the two teams have historically always competed in at least a series of three Tests and the new proposal is likely to dampen the interest. In recent years, there has been a reduction of the matches between the two teams due to a sensitive political environment. Although the series have been drafted in the new FTP and both the boards have agreed, yet actual cricket will still be subject to government clearances.

Another team with whom Pakistan do not play often in the next cycle is South Africa, despite the two signing an agreement to increase cricketing ties. South Africa will only host Pakistan in December 2018 for a series of three Tests, five ODI and three T20s. Pakistan too host them just once, for a limited-over series in October 2022.

Pakistan will be playing as many as seven series with Australia in this period, with Pakistan hosting five. Australia will host Pakistan in December 2016 and 2019 for six Tests and six ODIs.

Despite a glut of Test matches, Pakistan only feature in three four-Test series. Two of them will be played in England - in 2016 and 2020 - and one in West Indies, in 2017. Against West Indies, Pakistan only play two more Tests - at home, 10 years after they last hosted them for a series.

Pakistan will also not host Bangladesh or Zimbabwe in the next cycle. They were due to host Zimbabwe this year but the series was cancelled and now Pakistan is slotted to visit Zimbabwe in the summer of 2018 - the only series in the eight-year period.

Member nations have been told to sign their bilateral agreements by the next ICC Board meeting in October in order to firmly establish that FTP is both "binding and bankable".

Umar Farooq is ESPNcricinfo's Pakistan correspondent. @kalson

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  • Quentin on July 15, 2014, 18:47 GMT

    Its good to Pakistan to get more tests..

  • Dummy on July 12, 2014, 2:20 GMT

    @chennai_cricket don't flatter yourself the world over laughs at the Indian bowling line up... your bowlers at best have one descent year n that's it they are finished. . Zaheer khan was the last half descent bowler u had..look at Ishan't sharma he's had coaching from wasim akram yet he is still below average. . Then u have the likes of Mitchell Johnson who has had a little help from wasim n he has gone from strength to strength... Other than kholi/raina/Dhoni the rest of the Indian team is weak at best

  • sameera on July 11, 2014, 13:55 GMT

    Yes chennai_cricket. very true. we all saw that when Pakistan last last played ODI series in India.Congratulations! Keep it up.

  • Senguttuvan on July 11, 2014, 5:42 GMT

    @wapuser- This mediocre bowling is enough for pakistan mediocre batting.

  • Dummy4 on July 10, 2014, 20:15 GMT

    This looks fine but, i reckon that a two test series must be washed away as this is just nothing. I wish both India and Pakistan should play more often like to that of Ashes a 5 Tests series. It is annoying to play a 2 test series with any opponent. PCB should lock much test series with all bigger opponent as Pakistan is a big nation too in terms of playing tests.

  • Faizan on July 10, 2014, 6:19 GMT

    I want this FTP of Pakistan to be improved as this isn't enough. Mostly all the other teams have been busy playing since the T20 world cup except Pakistan. We have to wait till August to see our players play in just a few matches in Sri Lanka. I want to see Pakistan playing more Tests against New Zealand, South Africa. West Indies and probably tour Australia a bit more. I would want to see at least three tests being played in all the series' Pakistan plays in, especially the ones with India.

  • Dummy4 on July 10, 2014, 2:42 GMT

    cricket my life ilove pakistan time

  • Pratyush on July 9, 2014, 14:17 GMT

    A 2 Test series is a joke. But expect BCCI to come up with one and expect PCB to take them seriously.

  • Android on July 9, 2014, 13:42 GMT

    Not a entertaining schedule... must be amended to increase the tours

  • Jazati on July 9, 2014, 13:30 GMT

    I hope common sense prevails and both Pak and SA add more test and ODI's. Even 6 tests with WI is shameful but I understand that WI board couldnt afford two tests last year and opted for 2 more ODIs and T20. But Pak and SA should have enough money to host each other for more than just 3 tests.

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