West Indies in Sri Lanka 2010-11 November 5, 2010

We will rally around Sammy - Gayle

ESPNcricinfo staff

Chris Gayle, the former West Indies captain, has reiterated his support for his successor, Darren Sammy, as West Indies embark on a challenging tour of Sri Lanka. Gayle and some of his team-mates left for Sri Lanka on Thursday, while the remainder of the squad would fly out on Friday.

Sammy, who has played only eight Tests and wasn't a regular member of the Test team, was handed the captaincy after Gayle, as well Dwayne Bravo, turned down his central contract. Bravo was replaced by Brendan Nash as the team's vice-captain.

"It will be a new role for Sammy. I wish him all the best and we will all be there to rally around him and give him the necessary support," Gayle said. "He is the one who will have to take charge and lead from the front and we all know he is capable. We are all there to try and guide and help him."

The West Indies squad trained in Barbados as preparation for the Sri Lanka trip and Gayle said he was "feeling good" and "hitting the ball really well". "I hit a lot of balls in the camp and I'm looking forward to the tour," he said. "We are looking to have a winning tour. The preparations went really well and you could see everyone putting in the hard work. It will be different conditions to what we are accustomed to. We have a three-day warm-up game to get acclimatised and take it from there."

West Indies will play three Tests, five one-dayers and a Twenty20 international on the Sri Lanka tour, which begins with a warm-up match at the SSC in Colombo on November 10.

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  • Simon on November 10, 2010, 3:34 GMT

    Chris Gayle really matured last year on the tour to Australia. He led from the front, with some great batting, and given a side with a bit more confidence could have ambushed Australia and even drawn the series. Now, because of political reasons, he has given up the captaincy. But hopefully he will still show the poise and maturity he had in Australia last year. The Windies need him to be strong if they want to succeed.

  • Sylvanus on November 10, 2010, 2:47 GMT

    Hey let us all rally behind Sammy as true West Indian supporters. Do we all remember we had Walsh as captain? He had the distinction of scoring the most ducks, Sammy is still young and I know he will rise to the plate. So what if he loses against Sri Lanka? Gayle has lost so has the great Lara. THey did not take the captaincy from Gayle or Bravo or Chanderpaul they all rejected it particularly the former two. Sammy has the spirit that West Indies needs. I totally support not giving it to Gayle and Bravo because they have not signed unto any commitment to WI cricket. Good Luck Sammy and just do your best that is all we ask of you.

  • Dummy4 on November 8, 2010, 21:22 GMT

    Wow, people are upset with Gayle for still being on the side. (they do not like WI cricket)

  • giovaughn on November 7, 2010, 19:20 GMT

    I no how WI fans & media r. he could b as good as Clive Lloyd if we lose this series badly & Sammy has a rough time we r goin 2 ask 'what did he contribute 2 the bowling or batting?' & his confidence might take a huge blow from which he may never recover. check the statistics -- Gayle's batting average has gone up since he became captain & he did an excellent job under the circumstances in Australia yet everyone ( myself included during the last series vs South Africa) was calling for his head on a platter. we can b very unreasonable @ times & i think WICB is making a mistake here. they should hav chosen a tour where Sammy would find it easier 2 perform as a player 2 appoint him captain. e.g. in England or New Zealand where pitches & conditions r more helpful 2 his style of bowling. this could hav given him a boost he could use 2 propel himself in2 his role as captain & bowler more effectively

  • giovaughn on November 7, 2010, 18:53 GMT

    Sammy might have the leadership skills 2 b a good captain. But does he have what it takes 2 b a good all-rounder? as a bowler His control is good & he is a big lad so he can get bounce but in Sri Lanka the pitches r slow & low flat tracks that dont help fast bowlers in general & Sammy go need alot of help if he go rough up Dilshan Jayawardene Sangakara & co. there wont b much swing around & sammy bowling @ medium pace on a road with no pace carry or bounce could b a recipe 4 disaster both long & short term disaster. & his ability 2 play spin is questionable @ best.there is no point in being a good captain of a weak team if u r not contributing well as a player first & foremost. so i think West Indies & Sammy r up 4 a hammering in the sub continent. Hate 2 admit but its true as 2 how badly we get hammered we're jus goin 2 hav 2 wait & see

  • Michael on November 7, 2010, 10:43 GMT

    So what do you all expect Chris Gayle to say?that he is not going to support Sammy?My friends,ACTION speaks louder than words.I will watch and observe how he performs at the crease and his body language on the field,before I pass judgement on him,and the same goes for Dwayne Bravo.Although the biggest play actor is not in this team,play acting will continue.Some will do that much as to maintain their place on the team.That,along with Malinga and Mendis,will destroy the WI team.

  • Dummy4 on November 6, 2010, 14:08 GMT

    yes chris glad to know you are willing to support sammy because he will definately need your and everyone else support. I see sammy as a captain,merely because he is a wholehearted and industrious cricketer. Where I have some question is with is skill set as a cricketer,i dont think sammy like others have the necessary technique to withstand a good pace or bowling attack and he not the greatest bowler around,his bowling is no threat not even to lower order batsmen(no disrespect,its true).However,I see commitment and willingness to learn and improve from sammy,i dont mind sammy being captain but as i said i would prefer to have my captain to have some skill sets that will not have questions marks as to his place in the squad.

  • Len on November 6, 2010, 10:38 GMT

    I have no problem with Sammy being made captain, the only problem with that decision is why did it take the West Indies Cricket Board so long to do so. What has irked me is that GAYLE IS STILL IN THE SIDE. Everyone knows that before he was captain, he was a disruptive influence in the side and in my opinion, he will CONTINUE TO BE SO, particularly if Sammy or the management want to instigate a tough training programme which this WIndies BADLY NEED. Him and discipline do not go together and so it is time for him, Bravo or any others to be thrown out of the side. As for the Sri Lankan trip? I am not expecting a series victory but I want WIndies to be competitive and DISCIPLINED in their approach, attributes which neither Sammy, Gibson or Garner has talked about.

  • Dummy4 on November 6, 2010, 5:36 GMT

    FANTASTIC chris......... I M UR BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEST FAN.....n LOVE D W.I. VVVVVVVVVVVVV MUCH.......jus crush d LANKANS n bring back our GLORY DAYS back

  • Kalindu on November 6, 2010, 4:46 GMT

    We hope to see a good series in SL. Though we are supporting to my motherland (SL) we have great respect to WI. Warm welcome to Sri Lanka.

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