Media release April 3, 2007

World Cup - prohibited and restricted Items

P Gayle Alleyne

The following media release has been issued by the ICC, through the tournament's media relations manager. It aims to clarify what can and cannot be taken in to venues

Why have certain items been prohibited and restricted from being taken into the stadia?
The safety and security of everyone at the stadia on Match Day is of paramount importance. Fans must be able to enjoy the game in the safest and most comfortable surroundings. Likewise those who are working at the venue must be able to do so in similar circumstances.

What are the Prohibited items for ICC CWC 2007?
They are:
Firearms, knives, dangerous and imitation weapons
Explosives, incendiary devices, fireworks and flares
Alcohol, illegal drugs or narcotics
Cans, tins, or PET (plastic) bottles of any size or description, other than insect repellent or sun screen
Mace or pepper spray
Megaphones, compressed air or gas-operated horns
Flag poles

What are the Restricted items for ICC CWC 2007?
A: They are:
Aerosol cans - which are not permitted, other than those containing deodorant, prescription medication or insect repellent
Animals - only guide-dogs permitted
Bands and musical instruments - which are permitted with written permission from the appropriate Local Organising Committee
Banners & flags - which are permitted up to a maximum size of 1.5 x 1m (5' x 3') provided that, in the opinion of CWC 2007, they are not vulgar, political, racial, discriminatory, sexual in nature, or display advertising which may in any way impinge or will be in conflict with the rights of the partners/sponsors/suppliers/vendors of the event (in any language) or deemed to be offensive to other spectators
Cooler boxes - these are permitted provided they are not larger than 12"X12"x12"; must be soft and collapsible; no hard or rigid cooler boxes of any size are permitted

Glass containers - are not permitted, other than those containing perfume, prescription medication or insect repellent
Radios - small transistor radios with ear - or headphones are permitted
Umbrellas - only collapsible personal umbrellas are permitted. Large umbrellas (e.g. golf, beach) are not permitted

Any other objects or items or substances that may be deemed in the discretion of ICC CWC WI 2007 Inc. to be offensive, disruptive, dangerous or likely to infringe any party's rights or any party's safety or security or any dangerous article or substance not referred to above.

What's the difference in the two lists - those things which are prohibited and those which are restricted?
Prohibited items cannot be taken into a stadium at all - unless officially authorised - while restricted items can be taken in under various conditions. A number of items on the prohibited line-up are customarily banned for air travel and at world-games events, such as the Olympics, and therefore the public would be familiar with many of them, including weapons, firearms, explosives and alcohol.

In the latter case, there is an ICC policy which prevents alcohol from being brought into any ICC match, which has been in effect for some time and was implemented in the Caribbean during last year's home series. As a Full Member of ICC, the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) must abide with this regulation.

Alcohol is sold by concessionaires within the grounds.

Why have flag poles been banned when they have been allowed in the past?
What's important to note here is that, while flag poles are not allowed, flags of a particular dimension are permitted to be brought into a stadium and CWC welcomes that. It adds to the atmosphere to see fans openly supporting their respective teams. Flags can be a maximum size of 1.5 x 1 metres or 5 ft x 3 ft each. However flags on poles could disrupt the view of other spectators and the poles themselves are potentially dangerous and can cause an obstruction.

Is it true that fans cannot bring coolers to CWC matches?
No, this is not true. Coolers are a restricted item - not prohibited. Fans can bring them once they adhere to the relevant guidelines. Coolers must be soft and collapsible and a maximum size of 12"X12"x12".

They can contain food, fruit, snacks etc. and provided they don't bring in glass containers or tins or PET bottles, drinks too. It should also be noted that water can be brought in a PET bottle provided the top is removed.

These types of coolers are acceptable as they will be able to fit under seats and not impede anyone walking through rows of seats.

What about umbrellas, can they be brought to CWC matches?
Collapsible, personal umbrellas can be brought. However, large umbrellas - for example, beach umbrellas - cannot be brought to CWC matches.

Is it true that musical instruments cannot be brought to CWC matches?
Musical instruments and items of cultural expression - such as conch shells and shak-shaks - can be taken to CWC matches as long as persons secure permission the Local Organising Committees (LOC).

Anyone who wants to take any musical instrument to a CWC match must get written permission from the LOC in the Host Venue where the particular match is being played.

Has the enforcement of the list of Prohibited & Restricted Items affect the traditional atmosphere at CWC matches across the Caribbean?
To date those in attendance at matches have definitely created the usual party atmosphere. There are thousands of people at each match and it is important, especially in such a crowded and festive environment, that the necessary precautions are taken to ensure maximum safety and security for all patrons.

How can fans find out more about the Prohibited & Restricted Items?
Fans can contact the Local Organising Committees in the Host Venues. The list is also available at Ticket Centres and is displayed at the grounds. In addition, the list is included in packages containing match tickets so that persons attending CWC games will be able to become familiar with the regulations. -

Editors note:
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